West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Blocks Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar On Twitter; Says “Disturbed By His Tweets”



During a press conference on Monday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee admitted blocking Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on Twitter post his ‘disturbing’ tweets. While Dhankhar’s ‘gas chamber’ remarks continue to make headlines, Banerjee also accused him of threatening highly-ranked Police officials while addressing the press and audience. “I apologise for it in advance. He tweets something every day abusing me or my officers. Unconstitutional, unethical things, he says. He instructs not advises. The elected government has become bonded labour. That’s why I have blocked him from my Twitter account. I was getting irritated every day,” she said.

Furthermore, the All India Trinamool Congress supremo also accused Dhankhar of ‘tapping phones’ and even highlighted the point that she has penned a couple of letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard. “I have written several letters to the PM about him. That he (Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar) is not listening and threatening everyone,” she continued. “We have been patiently suffering for the past year. He has not cleared several files. He is keeping every file pending. How he can speak about policy decisions. Why the PM has not removed him? Pegasus is running from the Governor house. He is tapping phones,” CM Mamata Banerjee asked.

Banerjee’s statement comes hours after West Bengal BJP chief Sukanta Majumdar accused her government of tapping opposition leaders phones using military-grade technology called Pegasus. And in addition to Majumdar’s charges Dhankhar too shared a couple of tweets asking Banerjee’s government to share details about the ‘Maa’ scheme on Sunday. Plus, Dhankhar even criticized the government for turning West Bengal into a ‘laboratory for trampling of human rights’ in a series of tweets.

A former leader of an opposition party (BJP), Dhankhar has been at loggerheads with CM Banerjee since his appointment in 2019. And the dispute continues to gain momentum as Banerjee and Dhankhar continue to take direct digs at each other publicly.

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