Instagram Brings Remix Feature To All Videos



Last year, Meta-owned Instagram, released Remix for Reels, a feature similar to TikTok Duets in which a user can record Reels alongside another user. This essentially lets the same user or another user “remix” their work with a reel that already exists.

The finished output is shown in a split perspective, which allows the spectator to watch the two videos patched together. Users will now be able to utilize “Remix” on ordinary Instagram videos, with a larger length restriction, according to the latest report.

The extension made sense as Remix has been well-received by Instagram users. It sought to provide producers with greater options for “reinventing their work” and collaborating with other people. Creators can still have access to Reels’ range of creative tools, including Collabs, Voiceover, Effects, and Audio Tools while remixing a non-Reels video.

After the update goes live, users may access the new feature by tapping the three-dot menu in the top corner of any public Instagram video. You may then select “Remix this video” and record your response or upload a video from your phone’s camera roll. Creators can remix the entire or a portion of another’s video and download it as part of the remix. The remixed video will appear on feed.

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Though the feature’s extension may encourage more remixing and hence more material for Instagram Reels, it’s unclear if all Instagram artists will be agreeable to their video content being reused in this way.

Unfortunately, Instagram isn’t the first social media platform to need users to consent to their video being reused in order to compete with TikTok. When YouTube introduced its own TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts, it allowed producers to sample audio from other people’s videos and use it on their own.


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