How to use WhatsApp on Instagram to sell more?


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Instagram has become a great virtual showcase for small businesses to display and sell their products to customers around the world. Generally, the transaction took place through the image platform, while the entrepreneur stayed connected with his buyers by giving more detailed information about the products, clarifying doubts and even closing the sale through WhatsApp .


The entrepreneur had to add his number to his Instagram profile manually since the two Facebook platforms worked separately. However, starting this week WhatsApp will put a button on the sellers’ Instagram profile so that buyers can have a conversation directly with them.

This week Facebook also launched Click for WhatsApp ads on Instagram, which allows businesses to generate posts that lead customers directly to a brand conversation on WhatsApp. Previously, this was only possible through Ads Manager with a Facebook account.


How to use WhatsApp on Instagram?

These are the steps to integrate your WhatsApp with your Instagram.

  1. From the outset, this function only works for professional accounts, that is, for companies. Surely you can already see the option on both iOS and Android. If you want to change your account to a professional, go to Settings and click on the option to Change to a professional account .
  2. Enter your profile and click on the Edit Profile option. There you will see the basic information of your account such as the type of company you have, content and contact options.
  3. As is, click on Contact Options . There you will see the three options that Instagram offers you: company email, contact telephone number and, as of this week, WhatsApp.
  4. Click on the WhatsApp option.
  5. Enter your phone number so that F acebook Business will send you a 5-number code that you will have to enter into your account to verify your account on Instagram.
  6. Ready. Now your customers can approach you with the WhatsApp button on your profile.

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