Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max Can Be Charged Using A Cable At Speeds Of Up To 27W


Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive new iPhone model you can buy right now but there is, seemingly, an added advantage of splashing the cash on the bigger ‘Pro’ — an advantage that wasn’t touched upon by Apple during the launch event. According to the latest tests, the 6.7-inch iPhone tops at 27W when plugged in using a compatible power brick.

Now that the review embargoes are off and people are free to put the new iPhones through their paces, YouTube channel ChargerLAB went ahead and conducted a wired charging speed tests on the iPhone 13 Pro Max using a 30W power brick. During testing, it was found that Apple’s biggest iPhone can top out at 27W, making it a notable increase over the iPhone 12 Pro Max from last year, which can only support up to 22W using the same 30W power adapter.

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It looks like with increasing the battery capacity on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple also allowed it to support higher wattages. Unfortunately, the flagship cannot sustain this 27W power draw forever due to thermal constraints, as Apple placed limiters to prolong the battery’s and components’ lifespan, but it can continue to charge faster than its direct predecessor from last year.

iPhone users who were complaining about Apple crippling wired charging speeds should be satisfied with what they get now. Sadly, ChargerLAB did not conduct charging tests for the smaller iPhone 13 Pro or, the less expensive iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. Given that those two models also saw a bump up in battery capacity, it would be interesting to see if they could draw a higher wattage too.

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