How To Take Care of A Dog’s Hair

How To Take Care of A Dog's Hair

Keeping a dog as a pet is a huge responsibility that requires intensive planning. A potential owner needs to consider vital factors such as health care and the dog’s general safety and wellbeing.

A dog’s fur is among the most sensitive areas that need constant tending and nurturing. It tells a lot about a dog’s health and must be a sight to behold at all times.

Here are simple tips for all dog owners that help keep your dog’s hair in tiptop condition.

Use Sweaters

Dog clothes may come in handy, especially during the fall and spring seasons. Exposing your dog’s fur to unkind weather only worsens the situation and leaves it looking unkempt.

Shop around for well-fitting Best Dog Sweaters if your dog doesn’t have any. Not only do they shield your dog from the cold, but they also prevent the fur from losing moisture and ending up with dry hair.

Pick the comfy ones that will have your dog looking and feeling its absolute best.

Wash ItWash It

Cleanliness is a necessity for all dogs to thrive in every way. As most dogs are not fans of the water, find ways to get them hooked and have fun. Washing your dog’s hair is a vital pet care tip that helps keep troublesome ticks and nits at bay.

There are practical steps to follow when bathing your dog. Prepare some warm water that will attract your dog’s attention and make it stay calm throughout its bath time.

Pour some shampoo, made especially for dogs, into the warm water and stir it evenly. Pouring it directly on the dog’s fur is also a welcome option. Using a gentle brush, give your dog a few brushes to get rid of loosely hanging hair before the bath.

Be careful not to get soap into your dog’s eyes as this will make it develop a loathing for bath time. Pouring water on your dog using a bowl gives your dog an easy time and helps it get accustomed to the hygiene routine.

Start as early as its puppy years to help your dog get used to bathing. With time, it will understand the importance, and there will be no fuss. 

Balanced Meals

Balanced Meals

Your dog’s nutritional status always has its way of reflecting on its fur. Shop for doggy treats and food that are packed with all the healthy nutrients to improve the appearance of your dog’s hair.

New dog owners could consult their dog’s vet when confusion sets in. Ensure that your dog never skips its meals and that each of them is sufficient to keep it going. Keep track of its hydration patterns as water is the key to a healthy-looking and shiny fur coat.

Take your nutrition mission a notch higher by adding vegetable oil to your dog’s food. A teaspoon is enough to make the meal look appetizing and maintain your dog’s fantastic appearance.

In case doggy treats seem way above your budget, go traditional and give your dog raw carrots. Not only do they add nutritional value to your dog’s health, but they also strengthen its teeth.

Have your dog eat raw carrots regularly for quicker and more effective results. Blend the carrots if yours is a tiny puppy whose dental formula is yet to develop. Veggies are overall options that enhance your dog’s general health. 

Following a consistent nutritional pattern guarantees shiny and glowing fur.

Try Coconut Oil

Try Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a versatile option that can revitalize your dog both externally and internally. It possesses a wide array of health benefits for dog owners and their dogs. One of them is keeping the dog’s fur shiny and attractive.

Dog owners will also find it handy because it helps prevent itchy skin and relieves allergies. Adding a teaspoon of coconut oil into your dog’s meals does wonders and releases this and other benefits on your dog’s health. 

Coconut oil balances all the listed benefits because it contains saturated fats and fatty acids. It’s safe for use on dogs of all ages and goes above and beyond to do justice to all your dog’s needs.

However, pay attention to your dog’s initial reactions when you first launch coconut oil into their diet. Try giving smaller amounts first and then make gradual changes in terms of doses.

Coconut oil doses are administered depending on your dog’s weight. If it weighs more, take it easy on the dosage. Puppies have delicate systems that can only handle as little as a quarter teaspoon every day.

Their larger counterparts can handle a tablespoon daily for it to be more efficient.

See The Vet

After doing your part as the dog owner, seek the services of a qualified vet. They’ll offer insightful tips on better care of your dog’s hair. Better still, they may have prescriptions of the best shampoos to use.

They will take it a notch higher and advise you on a flexible diet plan that works for you and your dog. Regular visits make it easier for vets to follow up and see their patients’ progress (the dogs).


Your dog is part of your family and is entitled to all the most significant care gestures you can accord it. This guarantees mental and emotional stability for it to grow and develop. Proper hair care is an excellent way to keep your dog smiling all through and opens doors to other benefits.