4 Sydney Winter School Holiday Activities Students Can Enroll In 2023!


The Sydney winter school holidays are fast approaching and offer a great opportunity for students to explore exciting activities and make the most of their time away from school. With so much to do, you’re sure to find plenty of activities to keep your child entertained throughout this school break. From indoor sports and sailing lessons to technology workshops and cooking classes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Here are just a few of the top activities on offer for students to enrol in for the Sydney winter school holidays.

Programs to consider:

Big Builders:

Big Builders activities provide young children with opportunities to become makers, tinkerers, engineers, and problem solvers. This type of activity encourages critical thinking and gets kids involved in the process of creating, building, and problem solving. These activities can range from constructing models out of Lego or wood, to building cardboard and popsicle stick creations, or engineering large-scale projects using everyday items such as tape, paper, and glue. Not only do these projects help children learn how to think and build independently, but they also provide a unique way for parents and educators to engage kids with hands-on activities.

Learning about big builders activities for kids can be as simple as going to the local hardware store and picking up some supplies. For example, young kids can make an assortment of items with basic tools such as saws, hammers, nails, and screws. For bigger items, dividers like wheelbarrows and scooters can be built from the simplest of materials. These items can be used for imaginative play and to teach kids how different items in the world are connected and can be taken apart and put back together.

Brick Challenges:

The Brick Challenges program for kids is an exciting and educational program designed to engage children and help them increase their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Through this program, children are presented with a variety of challenges made up of LEGO bricks, which they must use to construct a solution. While they work to complete the challenge, they are encouraged to develop their unique problem-solving techniques and apply their analytical skills. The program was developed to help kids explore their creativity and strengthen their STEM skills, such as design and coding, in a safe and fun environment. It also helps to give kids experience in the areas of project planning, and the importance of teamwork. Through the Brick Challenges program, children are able to work together, collaborate, and build upon each other’s ideas so they can reach a solution. Given the problems that kids face today in our ever-changing world, the Brick Challenges program is a great opportunity for kids to sharpen their skills and create a pathway for success.

Robo Bricks:

The Robo Bricks program is a fun, interactive way to engage children in developing and building their own robots. This holiday programs for primary schools students offers kids the opportunity to use real-life robotic components and building systems and encourages them to think critically and use their imagination in order to build their creations. The program has a wide range of robotics projects available, ranging from simple robots they can make using everyday items, to more complex projects that require the use of specialized robotic tools and materials. With Robo Bricks, kids can develop the necessary skills to build their own robots, allowing them to gain a better understanding of robotics and the science behind it.


Robotics programs for kids offer the opportunity to spark a particular interest in engineering and technology while also strengthening essential skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Robotics programs provide hands-on experience with technological elements such as sensors, microcontrollers, and other components. One of the benefits of a robotics program is that it can be adapted to suit any age group and skill level. Experienced instructors, such as those found at robotics learning centers, are especially beneficial for children who are beginners. The structure and guidance of an experienced instructor can help to develop good programming skills and other necessary skills, such as electronics and reverse engineering.


There are so many exciting activities for students to enjoy during the Sydney winter school holidays in 2023! From fun sports, theatre activities and creative arts to educational experiences such as museum visits and science workshops. Students will get to explore their interests and try something new, all while meeting other young, like-minded people from around Sydney with holiday courses for primary schools. Whether students are looking for a stimulating and educational way to pass the time in the winter school holidays or to pick up a new hobby and gain a life experience, there is something for everyone at Sydney winter school holiday activities!