Frontline Education Releases Inaugural K-12 Lens Survey Report To Guide K-12 Decision-Making



Malvern, PA –   Frontline Education, a leading provider of administration software purpose-built for educators in K-12, today announced the release of its inaugural  “K-12 Lens: A Survey Report from Frontline Education.” The comprehensive report, developed by the Frontline Research & Learning Institute (Institute), highlights the company’s commitment to understanding emerging trends impacting school leaders and districts across the country. Informed by survey responses from nearly 700 K-12 administrators nationwide, the report is tailored to help district leaders thoughtfully plan initiatives that drive meaningful improvements for their staff and students.

The report underscores three critical opportunities revealed by the data, offering districts guidance and targets for strategically improving operations and maximizing outcomes. These include growing human capital, supporting students holistically and protecting essential district resources. The report presents key data and insights related to each critical opportunity. Among its most noteworthy findings include:

  1. Growing human capital:
    • 67% note increased staffing difficulty in the past year
    • 41% report a staff retention rate between 81 and 90%
    • 96%+ believe professional development will lead to greater engagement and retention
  2. Supporting students holistically:
    • 52% track EWI for grades 1-5 (early warning indicators of risk) like attendance, behavior and grades
    • 1/2 know for sure which students are receiving intervention based on EWI
    • 1/3 know the percentage of students in their districts who are chronically absent
  3. Protecting essential district resources:
    • 1/4 lack confidence in budgeting for future technology needs
    • 45% saw decreased funding due to legislative changes
    • #1 tech challenge is boosting cybersecurity

“Our commitment at Frontline is to equip K-12 leaders with the tools and insights they need to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education effectively. This report is not just a snapshot; it’s a roadmap for informed decision-making, providing actionable data and strategies tailored to empower school leaders in addressing both current realities and emerging trends. We’re proud to announce that this report is just the beginning. We plan to release similar reports annually, ensuring that the K-12 community has access to the latest insights and resources to drive positive change in their schools and communities.” – Mark Gruzin, CEO of Frontline Education.

Developed in partnership with  C+C Research, the comprehensive report establishes benchmarks that will be tracked annually to monitor trends over time. In doing so, it aims to assist district leaders in aligning their strategies to recent research. In addition to key data findings, the report provides practical strategies to guide district leaders’ decision-making and improve staffing, student support, and budgeting operations.

In addition to the release of “K-12 Lens,” Frontline plans to share more valuable information through various channels, including webinars, blogs and podcasts. These resources will offer deep dives into the areas of Human Capital Management (HCM), Student Management and Business Management within K-12, providing comprehensive insights and strategies for school leaders. Additionally, Frontline will provide K-12 persona-specific guidance, ensuring that educators can access tailored resources to address their unique needs and challenges.

To read the full research brief, visit  here. To learn more about tools that help with district operations like human capital management, student services, and financial management,  visit here.

About Frontline Education
Frontline Education is a leading provider of school administration software, connecting solutions for student and special programs, business operations and human capital management with powerful analytics to empower educators. Frontline partners with school systems to deliver tools, data and insights that support greater efficiency and productivity, enabling school leaders to spend more time and resources executing strategies that drive educator effectiveness, student success and district excellence.

Frontline’s broad portfolio includes solutions for proactive recruiting and hiring, absence and time management, professional growth, student information systems, special education, special programs, Medicaid reimbursement, school health management, inventory control and asset management, payroll benefits and financial management, and analytics solutions that help district leaders tap into their data to make more informed decisions for the benefit of their students and communities. Over 10,000 clients representing millions of educators, administrators and support personnel have partnered with Frontline Education in their efforts to develop the next generation of learners.

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