10 TV shows for entrepreneurs


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Get to know some current programs that you can watch in reruns on Netflix-like services or even YouTube, with which you can binge watching and learn at the same time.


1) Shark Tank Mexico

This reality is the American version of Dragon’s Den , a Canadian program transmitted by the BBC which was based on a Japanese show. Shark Tank is about a group of investors (known as “sharks” or sharks) to whom various entrepreneurs show their projects in search of financing. This program is a “must” for all those who are looking for investors to start or grow their company, from which they will learn what to say to attract their attention, as well as the main mistakes that entrepreneurs make when presenting their business ideas . The Mexican version is broadcast by Canal Sony on cable.

2) Undercover Boss

This program is a franchise that originated in England and has been adapted in various countries. In this, the manager of a large company enters incognito (as part of the staff and altering his appearance) in his own company over the course of a week. Using the excuse that a documentary is being filmed, the cameras film the entrepreneur as he investigates how his firm actually works, the problems that exist in it, and identify opportunities for improvement, as well as the most valuable employees whom he rewards in the end. of the show. Why should you see it? Many times entrepreneurs (especially high-level ones) do not know how their own company operates; This insight is ideal to understand how it works and put yourself in the shoes of your collaborators.

3) 2 Broke Girls

This American sitcom tells the story of two young people – a middle-class girl from Brooklyn and a former millionaire whose father committed a fraud so she must work and learn to live without money – who want to start their own cupcake business. . Although at first glance it may seem like it’s just a comedy to pass the time, it actually has many lessons for entrepreneurs. For example, the desire of young women to be entrepreneurs; and secondly, that despite being newcomers they know perfectly how much money they need to make their dream come true. The series shows many of the sacrifices and challenges that an entrepreneur must meet before owning a business.

4) Mad Men

This award-winning drama series has been one of the biggest hits of late. It is set in the 60s and recounts the complex life in the world of advertising. The main character, Don Draper, is a successful publicist and partner in a well-known agency. Although he is a womanizing man, an alcoholic, and a workaholic, Draper’s leadership is remarkable. He is a manager who understands that innovation and creativity are the main axes for having a competitive and successful company; that you must surround yourself with the best talents and know how to motivate them. Another of the lessons of this character is the importance of the image to succeed in business, so he is always impeccably dressed.

5) America’s Next Great Restaurant

If you are interested in opening a restaurant , you should not miss this reality show. Around 10 chefs create an original restaurant concept that must prove that it will be successful, both for the idea and for the quality of the dishes. Renowned gastronomy critics, chefs and customers are the judges: they decide who wins and who loses, that is, to whom they give the financing to open their own restaurant. With this show you will learn how to work under pressure and the importance of seducing consumers through the senses. From the same creators, we recommend Top Chef .

6) The Office

This hilarious comedy, previously starring Steve Carrell, shows the tangles of an office belonging to a paper company. This series is recorded simulating a documentary and shows everyday situations of work life, as well as relationships between colleagues and with the boss. This show helps to understand the concerns of employees, the relevance of the work environment in the productivity of a company, as well as the keys to motivate (or demotivate) staff. It’s a fun lesson on human resources .

7) The Secret Millionaire

This reality, also created in England, is about a millionaire who leaves his life of luxury behind to go incognito to a poor community. For a week, the entrepreneur lives on a limited budget, works hand in hand with the people and looks for projects that deserve a part of his fortune. In the end, he reveals his identity and gives thousands of dollars to improve their living conditions. This program talks about a very important topic for entrepreneurs, which is often relegated to the background: social responsibility . Authentic leaders support their communities and invest in their development; they know how to grow with and not on others.

8) How I made my millions

This show is about ordinary people who, with a good idea, succeed in business and become millionaires. In this one, there are clips about well-known CEOs or founders of companies who tell their stories as entrepreneurs (usually there are three per chapter). Knowing the origin of some of the most profitable and famous firms today is very inspiring for entrepreneurs who, like you, start from scratch.

9) House

This drama stars an egocentric, sarcastic and brilliant doctor who, together with his team, tries to solve medical riddles and diagnose atypical diseases. Although House is a controversial character – drug addict and misanthrope – his strategy to solve the cases is applicable in all activities. When a patient arrives, he immediately calls a meeting with his team (a select group of talents) where they brainstorm to get a diagnosis. In general, he is the one who discovers the condition because he knows how to get to the source, consider the small details and attack it without sentimentality or fear. An entrepreneur must also have a problem-solving procedure and the ability to keep a cool head in any situation. Remember that “business is business.”

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