France optimistic about Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring talks: Reports



France has expressed optimism regarding the ongoing talks on restructuring Sri Lanka’s foreign debt, anticipating a final agreement in the near future.

Media reports underlined this citing the French ambassador in Sri Lanka, who reportedly affirmed the stance.

France stated it is very hopeful that the talks on restructuring Sri Lanka’s foreign debt will soon reach a final agreement, claimed media reports.
Reports cited the French ambassador in Sri Lanka in this regard, who also emphasised the questionable situations regarding certain bills must be ended in order to reach an effective conclusion to discussions.

The French envoy also stressed the need to resolve any contentious issues surrounding specific bills to facilitate a swift and effective resolution to the discussions concerning the restructuring of foreign debt.

The French ambassador conveyed a hopeful outlook regarding the negotiations on restructuring the foreign debt, indicating confidence in reaching a conclusive agreement soon even as he emphasised the importance of addressing any uncertainties pertaining to certain bills to expedite the process and ensure a favourable outcome in the discussions.

This reflects France’s supportive approach towards Sri Lanka’s efforts to address its debt challenges.

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