WhatsApp To Roll Out The Revamped Chat Design With Future iOS Updates


It seems like Whatsapp, the Meta-owned company is focusing more on iOS nowadays as more changes are coming to WhatsApp for iOS, as the application is testing a new chat list design for a more streamlined user interface. As a result, the app intends to delete certain UI components.

Reportedly, WhatsApp is intending to remove the Broadcast and New Group listings from the chat list screen in a future version. When the user selects the start a new conversation button, the Broadcast list will be relocated to the contact list page, which will be available. As a result, the application intends to delete certain UI components.

According to a screenshot given by WABetainfo, the current version features both the Broadcast list and the New Group list on the same page, but the Broadcast list and New Group list will be relocated to the contact page in the future update, with the broadcast list in the top left corner.

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WhatsApp may adjust its intentions before releasing this upgrade because the User Interface is still in development, according to the report. WhatsApp has also started testing a new feature on iOS that allows users to see their profile images in system alerts.

The functionality will be available initially to iOS 15 users and will include DPs across both personal and group chat alerts. The update is currently only available to beta testers. WhatsApp also has been testing new changes for the application in the last few days.

That whenever someone sends the user a message, the application is set to include your contacts’ profile photographs to alerts in a future version. When users receive a new notification on WhatsApp, both the name of the person as well as their profile picture will show.

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