Home Marketing Twitter Went Down Globally Last Night; Know Why

Twitter Went Down Globally Last Night; Know Why

Twitter Went Down Globally Last Night; Know Why


Twitter faced a global outage on Friday night as thousands of users weren’t able to access their twitter accounts and this incident was reported by an outage tracking website named DownDetector. Twitter’s website and mobile app were affected by this global outage. However, the company was very quick in fixing the issue and they said that this outage was due to a technical issue.

Twitter, in an official statement said that “We’ve fixed a technical bug that was preventing timelines from loading and tweets from posting. Things should be back to normal now. Sorry for the interruption”. The users from different parts of the world complained that they are unable to access their profile on the app or the website. The profile went down around 11 PM IST on Friday.

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The twitter users headed to Reddit to share the issues they were facing due to this outage and when these technical issues were fixed, the users shared the issues that they had faced during the downtime. #TwitterDown started to trend on the platform. A twitter user named Jasmine posted “Yeah bro, it’s not only you Twitter is down. #Twitterdown. Another user named Nice Guy Cup Arc posted” me trying to check if twitter is down on twitter but guess twitter is down I can’t check #twitterdown.

Arcaneshow’s official twitter account posted a video and captioned it as “Looks like Jinx broke into the Twitter servers. #TwitterDown”. Another user tweeted “everyone’s saying twitter down but everyone is somehow tweeting #Twitterdown”.

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