The Art of Exchanging Custom Business Cards at Business Events

The Art of Exchanging Custom Business Cards at Business Events

Whether you’re an in-office worker or a remote employee – networking will play a critical role in your career. Over almost two years into the pandemic, business connections still matter a lot. Some would say having business connections matters more than ever. In the post-pandemic world, people are eager to connect with fellow professionals.  

In 2019, over 80% of job positions were filled through networking. LinkedIn research suggests that job applicants are likelier to get jobs at companies where they have strong connections. That means modern-day professionals must do their best to network with fellow peers.

The Role of Custom-Designed Business Cards in Networking

Custom-designed business cards have always been vital communication tools for professionals. These cards allow professionals to share their contact information, company details, etc., with others in their respective fields. Business cards are small in size, easy to distribute, and help professionals make lasting impressions on peers.

  • Networking becomes a lot easier when you can conclude each conversation by exchanging your business cards.
  • Seeking a new job? Hand out your custom business cards at job fairs, job interviews, and other industry networking events.
  • Want to boost your network of professional connections? Hand out your business cards at conferences, tradeshows, social events, etc.

Modern-day sellers of business cards use very durable 14pt cardstock material to produce their cards. This material is 100% recyclable and very cheap. These sellers also give customers total customization control when it comes to the cards’ design. Professionals can now create high-quality networking business cards for themselves.

They can incorporate unique, sophisticated designs on their custom cards to make them more memorable. Here are some standard pieces of information all networking business cards must feature –

  • Full name of the professional
  • The professional’s current job title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website links to the professional’s portfolio
  • Taglines

Include these details on your networking business card, and you can instantly start attracting more attention from peers, clients, etc. Hire a professional designer to create your networking business card. By doing so, you can create unique, eye-catching business cards that elevate your status in your industry.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Business Cards

Perfecting the art of exchanging business cards is vital for all professionals. Successful exchanges will help you make positive first impressions. Here are some unstated etiquettes of exchanging business cards you should observe while networking with clients or peers –

  • Selective: Don’t give your business cards to everyone you meet. Only give these cards to “qualified” individuals who can help your career in some way.
  • Preparation: Professionals must always be prepared to exchange business cards. Networking can happen anywhere. What if you meet a top CEO outside your parking lot? You don’t want to not have a business card in your jacket pocket! Always carry your custom-printed business cards. If possible, get a card case.
  • Update the Cards: Never give out business cards with incorrect or outdated information. Update your cards’ content at least once a year.

Use this guide to create business cards that will help you network better!