Social Media Erupts With Reactions After Witnessing NASA’s DART Spacecraft Slamming Into An Asteroid


Nasa’s DART mission was a success, as we see history unfold in front of our eyes. This is the first time that humanity has ever shifted a celestial body’s path. On November 24, 2021, the DART spacecraft blasted off from Earth with the goal of slamming into the Dimorphos and Didymos asteroid system.

A cosmic collision that was seen all across the earth. The $325 million mission’s goal was to investigate whether ‘pushing’ an asteroid could change its course, giving researchers a useful hands-on evaluation of planetary security technology.

Take a look at some of the responses on the Internet as it explodes with reactions:-

DART’s camera recorded real-time views of Dimorphos growing larger as the spacecraft got closer to the asteroid. The probe transmitted startling images of the space rock’s jagged, uneven surface in the moments before collision.

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Cover Image: NASA

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