Shark Tank India: Anupam Mittal’s Take On Most Hilarious ‘Gol And Gehri Naabhi’ Pitch -Watch


Shark Tank India in its first season in 2021 garnered huge popularity across the country and the show has received some really interesting and crazy business pitches. Some of the pitches have left all five sharks astonished, while some have irritated them and also made them laugh like anything. One such pitch was the Navel Shaper which made sharks like Ashneer Grover and Aman Gupta cover their faces with files to hide their laughter. It seems the Navel Shaper pitch is still haunting Anupam Mittal.

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The pitch didn’t pack any investment from the sharks but the video clips of the episode went viral across social media. The startup founder in his investment pitch asked sharks about their fantasies and also mentioned that around and the deep navel is his fantasy. The concept of shaping the belly button made everyone laugh.

In a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, Anupam Mittal founder of shared his though when he was listening to the investment pitch. According to Mittal, when the pitcher asked sharks about the fantasies then he thought “arey baap re! aur main yahan wahan dekhne laga, maine bola isse kaam baat karo pata nahi kya dikhayega.”

Mittal said that he didn’t know how to react to someone’s fantasy for ‘gol and gehri naabhi’. “Abhi hum haasein ki roein, kya karein samajh nahi aa raha hai,” Anupam added in the same interview talking about the pitch.

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Anupam also added that he was very confused about how to react to the pitch. As per him there was a person who is asking for investment for a belly button shaper, a dancer who is dancing for the demonstration, and there are sharks who are laughing like anything, “Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha tha kya ho raha hai yahan pe,” he added.

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