Scientists and medical professionals have Dr. Fauci’s back amid attacks from Republicans



Folks who signed the letter include three Nobel laureates, former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (a Republican from Tennessee), as well as former university presidents, physicians, academics, and scientists. The letter stresses that those who signed on “deplore” the “personal attacks” against Fauci, and describe the criticism as “inaccurate, unscientific, ill-founded in the facts” and “motivated by partisan politics.” Attacks against Fauci serve as a “distraction from what should be the national focus — working together to finally overcome a pandemic that is killing about 500,000 people a year.”

The letter characterizes Fauci as someone who has given advice regarding the pandemic with “humility” and has been clear about what is actually known for certain, and what isn’t. The group describes Fauci’s advice as “well informed” given ongoing research and “rapidly evolving circumstances.”

The letter highlights that Fauci has served the U.S. well and continues to have “unreserved respect and trust” from the scientific community. 

“Scientists can and do express dissenting viewpoints,” the group wrote in part. “But a right to an opinion does not mean the opinion is right. We are grateful that Dr. Fauci has consistently stated the science in a way that represents the facts as they emerge, without unwarranted speculation.”

That’s a really polite way of saying what we’re all thinking—Republicans can have their opinions, sure. But “kindling the crazies,” as Fauci himself put it, is legitimately irresponsible, dangerous, and unethical, no matter where you stand politically. 


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