Reasons Why 3d Virtual Set Design Are Becoming Extremely Popular

3d Virtual Set Design

3d Virtual Set Design has become extremely popular with time. Working on these sets is pretty interesting and also helps save the cost of production. What do you get in the result? It’s enhanced content quality. Well, the concept of 3d Virtual Set Design is nothing new in the industry, but the use was minimal a decade ago. Producers and people have an image of it being a quite complex tool. 

Only a few big production companies would rent it for filming purposes. But now, things have changed; an industry has finally started understanding the role of virtual sets and how they actually make the job easiest. When you get access to up-to-date equipment, proper lighting, and a spacious area to shoot at a lower price, it ought to make filming easier. In this post, you will learn about some obvious reasons why virtual sets are becoming popular and why you should consider using them for your next project. 

Reasons to Choose Virtual Sets for Filming

The Appeal of 3d Graphics

When shooting an action movie, the producer needs to be careful about the motion graphics of the scenes. 3D graphics at the 3D Virtual set designs highly impress the viewers, and that is the whole purpose of making films. This type of service elevates the need for 3D  virtual sets. In addition to the set, make sure that you hire real set designers who understand the real-time constraints and stick to them.

Camera Tracking Technology

We all know that the higher the camera’s resolution, the better the image quality. However, one must also consider the type of camera motion that will be used in the production. Is it a jib, a steady cam, or something else? Should the camera be controlled by hand or by a robot? Because virtual studios incorporate high-tech cameras, be explicit about the camera and obtain the proper one.

Enhanced Audio/video Experience

Virtual sets are equipped with suitable audio and video equipment to assist filmmakers in completing successful shots. Imagine watching a movie with low video quality and a lot of background noise. It’ll undoubtedly be a dreadful experience. As a result, having a well-equipped studio set is important if you want to give your audience a great film production experience overall. 

Trackless Virtual Set

Another reason why these sets have become a popular choice is that it allows the producers to mix real-shooted videos in front of the green screen with the 3D computer-generated scenes. So, it becomes super easy to edit or even mix different scenes without much hassle. Also, this way, you don’t need to travel to different locations to place the story. A green screen allows you to have any background that you wish for without being on the actual location. 

Final thoughts: virtual sets are basically a mix of all the locations that you can imagine for your plot in a single building. Be it appropriate lighting or better control over the camera; It fulfills all requirements of a filmmaker.