Predictions for 2022 in the World of Web Design


Predictions have the potential to come true. So we’ve narrowed it down to five trends that we think are either beneficial or, at the very least, innocuous. Of course, no assurances can be made, but if these predictions come true, we’ll be in good shape by 2023.

The Blockchain Is Coming:

Blockchains are the foundation of the cryptocurrency business. To put it another way, they’re a collection of data that can be added to but not altered or destroyed. Think about it as data version control.

The first wave of technology, like others, was a way to make quick cash. The most interesting aspect, though, is blockchain technology itself, as well as the approach’s transformational nature. Médecins Sans Frontières, for example, is said to store medical records of refugees on the blockchain.

Consider the internet as a collection of data that can be edited for a small cost and viewed by anybody, anywhere. Instead of millions of websites, there will be a single, secure, and self-contained source of truth. Someone is working on it someplace.

It’s recommended to add a payment method of cryptocurrency on your website by hiring a top New York City website design company, such as Mapit Marketing Group. to capitalize on this trend.

Positivity & Playfulness & A11y:

Time was running out for bland, corporate, geometric sans-serif design long before world events sank into an unceasing barrage of bad news.

We added gradients, individuality, and a sense of humour. And, contrary to popular belief, we continue to make money. Designers and developers have worked tirelessly in recent years to study, test, and support accessibility, and as a result, inclusive design is no longer relying on the lowest common denominator.

You can be experimental in 2022 without impeding 10% or more of your users.

Everything Green:

Green is a fascinating colour because it is the only primary colour that isn’t blue (except in RGB, when it is).

Green has the same visual impact as blue but is more versatile and underappreciated in digital design. The colour green has a strong environmental meaning in our culture. Marketing agencies will propose a brand colour shift to green as a quick remedy for those dumped chemicals, strip mines, and plastic-filled seas at a time when online corporations are rushing to demonstrate their ethical credentials.

Earthy colours have already gained appeal. Neons, on the other hand, are quite popular towards the other end of the vibrancy spectrum. Green encompasses both techniques, ranging from serene sages to acidic neon. If you want to capture the moment in 2022, go for the colour green.

Hero Text:

Although it is not sure if anyone has tried to quantify it, a picture is supposed to be worth 1000 words. The problem is that, as websites become more reliant on generic graphics, the 1000 words we receive may or may not accurately reflect our message.

A few well-chosen words will be more valuable than an image in 2022, with large hero text taking precedence over hero images. Several minor trends are supporting this, the most notable of which are businesses’ desire to branch out from the geometric sans-serif and into a more expressive form of a typeface.

Mostly everyone agrees on massive hero text replacing photos, which nearly guarantees it won’t happen if you read the predictions on other sites. Even still, by the start of 2022, this appears to be the path we’re heading in.

Bring The Noise:

A revitalised connection with nature has been one of the unintended effects of the previous few years. Nature’s seamless complexity is immensely fascinating.

Gradients have already become popular Because there are no flat colours in nature — and adding noise is the next natural step.

Noise is the gritty texture that sits so well in vector images in terms of visual considerations. For years, noise has been in and out of fashion, limited a little by the increase in file size it causes. Noise is now usable on production sites thanks to the WebP and Avif file types.

When designing in 2022, when in doubt, make a lot of noise.

What Not to Expect in 2022:

Do not expect the Metaverse to be substantial in anything but marketing speaks. Yes, hardware is becoming more widely available, but the Metaverse in 2022 is like playing a PS5 MMORPG: theoretically, it’s a lot of fun, until you learn that none of your peers can get their hands on one.

Ignore the blog entries anticipating a throwback trend from the 1990s. All those writers did was take a pattern from the 1990s and put a decade to it.

Finally, don’t expect anything major to happen. Material design, parallax scrolling, and jQuery are still around and can be useful in the proper situations.