Pay Your Phone Bill By Watching Ads And Playing Games; Here’s How



Users of Boost Mobile all have a new way to save money on their phone bills. They can reduce it or eliminate it totally by viewing advertisements and playing games. Customers may earn coins by watching advertising, playing basic games, and engaging with Boost partners through the carrier’s new BoostOne app, which will take a few cents off their bill at a time. Given how expensive the finest unlimited data plans can be, it might be a nice method to save money.

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The carrier’s new payment mechanism was inspired, according to a Boost executive, by adverts for in-game awards on Fortnite and Candy Crush. In a news statement, Stephen Stokols, Boost EVP of retail wireless, said, “It’s time to move beyond the old techniques and adopt proven digital approaches used in other sectors.”

Reportedly, customers will have to invest time to save money. One of the carrier’s so-called Boost Coins deducts a single cent from a customer’s bill, and in a video example, watching a brief commercial earned the viewer two Boost Coins.

There’s also a “spin to win” wheel where players may win anywhere from five to 500 coins, or 5 cents to $5. Boost didn’t provide any further examples of how long it will take to pay off the phone bill, but despite the relative payments, it’s likely to be a long time.

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Boost also wants to broaden the usage of its watch-and-earn money, with Boost Coins eventually being traded for new phones. Although some customers may be uninterested, Boost sees it as yet another experiment in discovering alternates to the present payment mechanism.


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