NASA To Get $24 Billion In Financial Support In Next US Budget



NASA will get over $24 billion for space missions for fiscal year 2022, if the US Congress is able to pass a newly-devised omnibus spending bill. The funding package allocates a total of $1.5 trillion throughout the government. The funds are about $760 million less than what US President Joe Biden had requested last year, as reported by Business Standard. If passed as expected, NASA will bag $24,041,300,000, just $760,200,000 shy of what it requested and a little more than the $23.3bn it got last year. Read for more

A big chunk of the cash for 2022, some $7.6bn, will go toward NASA’s science projects to monitor Earth ($2bn), and study the Sun ($778m), the rest of the Solar System ($3.1bn) and beyond ($1.4bn), with $83m for biological sciences. NASA’s fiscal year runs October 1 through September 30.

This development comes at an awkward time for the space agency as it was just recently criticized for underestimating the cost of Artemis – its mission to set foot again on the Moon – and the future of the International Space Station looks uncertain due to rocky relations with Russia. The budget is part of the proposed Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act working its way through Congress.

US Budget 2022

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2022 contains detailed information on the various appropriations and funds that constitute the budget and is designed primarily for the use of the Appropriations Committees. The Appendix contains more detailed financial information on individual programs and appropriation accounts than any of the other budget documents.

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It includes for each agency: the proposed text of appropriations language; budget schedules for each account; legislative proposals; narrative explanations of each budget account; and proposed general provisions applicable to the appropriations of entire agencies or group of agencies. Information is also provided on certain activities whose transactions are not part of the budget totals.


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