December 2, 2021

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McConnell scrapes together enough votes to avoid blowing up economy, debt ceiling filibuster stopped


It’s not very often that he has this problem. His fellow Republicans are always in lockstep with him, unless he gives them special permission to “vote their conscience” if they’re Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski. But McConnell had a tough time Thursday getting the 10 votes necessary to break a filibuster. His members were filibustering him—even his leadership team.


McConnell had to have two private meetings to try to twist the necessary arms. Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski was the lone volunteer to say aloud before the vote that she would support it. “I’m not willing to let this train go off the cliff,” she said.

The Trumpiest among them were apoplectic. Case in point, one Lindsey Graham.


Democrats were ready to step up with some advice for McConnell.


McConnell clearly misread his conference—and his influence on them versus Trump’s, who attacked McConnell for conceding to Democrats to, you know, save the global economy. Trump really does rule their world.


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