Is Depression Curable?


The Three Stages of Depression

Simple depression that appears within the variety of negative feelings and emotions that dominate an individual’s life for a particular period, and he suffers from mood disorders and fluctuations that prevent him from winding up his daily activities, but he’s ready to resist and overcome them with a straightforward effort if he has psychological consideration, family support and psychological follow-up with the therapist.

Moderate depression could be a state of mood disorder that necessarily requires medication follow-up under the supervision of a psychiatrist. during this case, the individual becomes unable to transcend thoughts and negative emotions, becomes a prisoner of behaviors that hinder the small print of his lifestyle, is dominated by neglect in performing his activities, and his desire for isolation and loneliness intensifies, sleep abounds, and also the absence of realistic goals and a sense of inability to complete tasks because of lack of resourcefulness or lack of the flexibility to focus and think, or find solutions to problems encountered. This level of depression requires pharmacological treatment for about 6 months, with periodic psychological follow-up from a therapist.

Severe depression or severe psychological depression leads the patient to suicide in many cases. It results from a human feeling of total helplessness, weakness, weakness, and therefore the inability to accomplish any small a part of his daily tasks that he previously accomplished easily. he’s also dominated by severe negative emotional feelings that push him to induce obviate his life, because of the entire absence of his goals in life and his failure to face reality, abide it and solve the issues it encounters, additionally to the dominance of feelings of sadness and sorrow for him always, and his strong desire for permanent isolation to flee reality.

Severe depression lasts for several years, and it must be treated through high-dose antidepressants, under the supervision of a psychiatrist, because it works to enhance brain moods. during this case, it’s advised to eat foods that positively affect the mood, additionally to forcing the patient to have interaction in some activities to urge him out of this devastating disease.

Symptoms of severe mental depression

The multiple psychological treatments for “The New Arab” Symptoms of depression. She says that depression could be a basic and general symptom, which is an acute and protracted mood disorder for a period that exceeds a month a minimum of.

Symptoms of depression are defined as follows:

  • A tendency to constant crying and isolation.
  • Loneliness.
  • Escape from reality to sleep.
  • Cessation of daily activities on the grounds of inability or inability or unwillingness to perform them in the usual way.
  • Significant loss of appetite, or binge eating.
  • feeling guilty.
  • Inability to think and focus, loss of logical sequence of thoughts.
  • While the patient in severe depression reaches seeing or hearing some frightening auditory and visual hallucinations that terrify him, and cause him to suffer severe attacks of crack-up.
  • Psychological treatment is required in cases of depression

Can depression be cured?

Psychotherapy believes that complete recovery from depression is feasible in its simple and medium degrees, if he receives appropriate treatment with appropriate drugs, and undergoes continuous follow-up with a psychotherapist until recovery. You can join 15minutes4me Test program to cure it. 

But she considers that the third-degree depression is usually exposed to relapse and relives the identical symptoms before treatment, which sometimes intensifies if he stops taking medications, and is subject to medical monitoring and permanent assistance in programming his goals to implant his desire for all times, through cognitive behavioral therapy that it’s of paramount importance within the treatment of this disease.

Focuses on the importance of investing the individual’s personal energies and inclinations in such a situation, with the necessity to receive support and follow-up from his family and his nurturing environment, especially the those who love him and his favorites, because they’re the most important supporter of his standing again.

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