iPhone 11 Massive Price Drop! You Can Now Get It Under Rs. 30,000


Deals, exchanges, bank offers, and exchanging offers are all available on the eCommerce site, and you can get your hands on an iPhone 11 for less than Rs. 30,000. It is now something that you will be able to catch your eyeballs on. The bargains are mostly present on the different iPhone 11 variants, not only the 64GB model.

Flipkart has advertised a 13 percent discount on the Apple iPhone 11 64GB model. You can simply choose from a variety of color options, which are mostly available for the iPhone and come with a similar discount.

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The price of the iPhone 11 64GB edition will drop to Rs.42,000 with the reduction, but it can potentially be decreased to Rs.13,000. You may buy iPhone 11 on the exchange and save Rs.13,000, bringing the total cost of this variation down to Rs.29,999. You should be aware that the off-on swap you receive will be entirely dependent on the older iPhone model you are trading, as well as its condition.

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Flipkart is also offering a variety of bank deals and incentives on the iPhone 11. The freebies for the iPhone 11 will just be a six-month subscription to Gaana Plus and Rs.999 worth of BYJuU’s lessons online tuitions.

The iPhone 11 128 GB edition is primarily offered at a 14 percent discount for Rs. 46,999. If you buy it on the exchange, you’ll save an additional Rs.13,000 on the iPhone, bringing the total cost down to Rs. 33,999. On the 128 GB variant, which is equivalent to the 64 GB variant, the bank offers and freebies are available.

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