Interesting Facts Revealed About Pitch Decks For Funding

startup pitch decks

A startup pitch deck can be shared via a link to the slides if hosted in the cloud for new investor prospects. It should be presented live on the stage to a real audience. Every presentation must include interesting data and facts about pitch decks.

Empower your understanding of startup pitch decks with interesting data points and stats. That’s how you can excel at startup funding for your business.

Did you know that 1000 plus startup pitch decks come into existence every day?

Yes, that’s a huge number! These are the pitch decks created in San Francisco, California each day. With new startup ecosystems, more startup pitch decks aim to come into the picture. That’s because of the surging ecosystem of business pitch decks.

The number of startup funds and investors is also growing like a forest fire. The limited number of investors sounds overwhelmed with the funding requests and pitches.

This is why a lot of businesses are preparing appealing business pitch decks. Angel investors consider it one of the most attractive points about the businesses. This is real competition. That’s something you must keep in mind while connecting with the right investors.

Did you know that 10 slides are enough for a pitch deck?

Just 10 slides can help you with an early-stage startup pitch deck. Yes, that’s true. The most common mistake is to go for a long business startup pitch deck. Keeping it sweet and short is important. But, it sometimes feels impossible.

For that, you need to research and explore everything about the pitch decks. There are a few expeditions where more slides do the justification. That’s for the later stage of startups.

Businesses that have substantial, financial and operational data to report are exceptions. Or businesses that have complex and multi-level business structures. But, for the new businesses, there’s a rare justification to go over 10 slides. One for each point and a cover slide is enough.

Did you know that the best font size is 30 points for a pitch deck?

According to Guy Kawasaki, all text in a pitch deck must be at least 30 points. The key is to deliver all your bonus points in a startup pitch deck. It helps you stay disciplined as you use minimized text in each pitch deck slide.

The startup pitch deck remains simple and clean. It’s wise to stick to the basic fonts, clean and easy to read. Don’t create any friction more than it’s required. Be sure to include all the incredible data and stats around startup pitch decks.