Surrogacy is a true breakthrough in assisted reproductive technology. Also it allows couples unlikely to give birth to have biological children. Most infertile couples today have a fantastic vacancy genuinely to experience the joy of parenting by the process of surrogacy.

Additionally. If you see in past eras, the unproductive team could only acquire one baby. But by the passage of time, advanced science allows them to give birth to a genetic child. Furthermore, in feskov ukraine advanced reproductive technology allows everyone to become happy parents. 

Feskov surrogacy agency:

The Feskov Human reproduction group is undoubtedly where the intended parents become accomplished, happy people. On the other hand, The Feskov Human Reproduction Group is an outstanding surrogacy agency that serves European citizens and US residents. Also known for its customer focus, the prof. Feskov’s surrogacy clinic has an impeccable reputation.

Moreover, bundles of optimistic stories with infertile couples experiencing the joy of parenting. Parenting is a great blessing for all couples. However, the joy of pregnancy and childbirth is not available to all teams worldwide. Furthermore, some couples crush their babies due to illness, congenital infertility, or legal disability.

Reasons to choose feskov Ukraine:

  • Experience :

The agencies have been in the field of assisted reproductive technology since 1995. Also have had hundreds of successful IVF programs since then. So everyone is grateful to them for ensuring 100% of the beginning of healthy youth. 

  •  Healthy baby :

The surrogacy agency in Ukraine specializes in human genomics. Moreover, it enables you to establish healthy microorganisms and prevent the transmission of genetic diseases. Also, they help you to select the sex of future newborns on request.

  • Confidentiality :

The system of their service gets based on absolute confidentiality. In addition, the team develops a proper plan for reliable personal data protection systems for each patient. 

  •  Proven base: 

The system provides their unique foundation of European, Asian, and African phenotypic mothers and egg donors. Also, they allow you to choose the ideal donor. Additionally, by doing this, you will surely get a healthy baby.

Feskov surrogacy agency services:

Surrogate mother services are essential for every surrogacy agency. Their services list includes as follows.

  • They guaranteed IVF Treatment with Your Eggs.
  • Moreover, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis also guarantees a genetically Healthy Baby for Next-Generation Sequencing.  
  • Also, they provide services for gender selection for future babies. 
  • Furthermore, they promote surrogacy services for single parents 
  •  Additionally, they focus on egg donation selection of individual advanced egg donors. Also, the egg donors with a specific phenotype 
  • They will make sure to guarantee egg donation during pregnancy.  
  • Consequently, the services give you Legal support around the world.


Hence, the ambition of being a parent is a natural existence and enjoyment in the world. So for the convenience of everyone, they develop many packages of services. Also, ensure the result of your cooperation and satisfaction with their collaboration as your parents.

By choosing a comfort guarantee Package Plan from clinic of prof.Feskov, clients will receive the benefits and warranty IVF Program. Furthermore, the feskov surrogacy agency service provides you without additional payment during pregnancy.