How To Select The Best Pairs Of Denim Tears | Shopping

Pairs Of Denim Tears

A creative apparel brand called Denim Tears was established in September of 2020. Tremaine Emory, an iconography-focused clothes designer, founded Denim Tears. The brand’s appeal extends far beyond clothing, and its products have much deeper meanings. The designs and symbols are extremely well thought out, and they all deliberately aim to increase public awareness of racism in America. 

You will find the finest online store for streetwear and modern men’s apparel selling these Denim Tears jeans, and since they are a newer product, you can expect some questions and queries about their legitimacy. People may be confused about what makes them unique or whether they are the right product for them. They are just a pair of jeans you can wear to style up a few notches. Here are some tips and tricks for shopping for the best pair of Denim Tears

How To Check Authenticity?

There are three types of jeans worldwide for denim clothing: original, replicas, and counterfeits. Original jeans are created from designs that a company has retained using the best materials for a very long period. Originals are typically high-quality and pricey, and a middle-class individual cannot typically purchase them.

Replica jeans are created using company-owned designs, but they are constructed with less durable and structurally sound materials and methods than the originals. Some copies are produced using a design stored in the business’s archives. The production of replicas enables the business to offer apparel to customers who might not otherwise be able to purchase jeans.

Counterfeit jeans, often known as knockoffs, are produced by a different business to resemble a well-known, enduring brand. Most of the time, knockoffs are of lower quality and are not very seamless. Many people don’t mind wearing the knockoffs because they are affordable and well-made, especially in nations where fashion is more valued than name brands.

Pro Tip:

The stitching should be symmetrical and not frayed for a higher-quality product. Jeans are supposed to fade but not after the first wash, so be wary of this. 

Knowing Your Size

Taking Body Measurements Or Measuring An Existing Pair Of Jeans


The natural waist, which is the body’s narrowest point, serves as the measurement point for the waistband. Utilizing a tape measure, measure the jeans’ waistband by laying them flat on a level surface. 


Measure from the crotch seam to the ankle hem to determine the ideal length.


Choose the position you want your jeans to be in. Whether it’s a high, mid, or low rise, this is the distance from the top of the waistband to the crotch seam. Up to 8 inches is considered low-rise, 9.5 inches is considered mid-rise, and anything over 10 inches is considered high-rise.

Consult The Brand’s Sizing & Fit Notes

There are many different fits and ways a jean can fit your body, so knowing the brand before purchasing is key. The style and the way the jeans will ultimately look on you depends on the brand’s vision, so do your research. Denim Tears have collaborated with many brands creating collaborations such as Dior Denim Tears and Levis Denim Tears. This great success implies the complexity of the product design and the different market groups it is expanding to reach. This means that an original will be different than a collaboration, and each collaboration will have many facets. 

Shop Away!

Wash and Quality

Every Denim Tears jeans have a story and a meaning behind them. The designer made sure of it. 

For example:

With a straight fit through the seat and thigh, sits at your waist, and has a slightly tapered leg, the Denim Tears 501® is inspired by the 1954 cut. Here are some descriptions of Denim Tears jeans that come with every product:

  • 14 oz. of non-stretch,
  • 100% cotton denim
  • Button fly
  • Five pockets
  • When you wash your jeans, do it in a cold machine with like-colored clothes and preferably a liquid detergent.
  • All denim is hand printed in Los Angeles 
  • With a front rise of 11.5″ 
  • And a leg opening of 15.25″.

Use this list to create the story of your tears; you will get a better grip on their quality and how to wear and wash them. 

Hopefully, this post brought insight into the Denim Tears clothing line and can provide a staple for future shopping.