How To Find A Universally Flattering Formal Dress: 3 Best Tips


Party? Dance? White-tie event? An invitation to any of the formal events makes one feel cock-a-hoop. More than that, it’s a chance to dress up to the nines that pop up excitement in women’s hearts. But what on earth do you wear?

Often, it is said that one size doesn’t fit all. And it’s true! Choosing a formal dress in line with body shape is the key to looking picture-perfect. However, not everyone understands their body shape or knows the style that best flatters their personality. This is where the universally flattering styles come into the picture. 

“Universally flattering” refers to formal dresses that look beautiful on everyone, whether they are size 2 or size 20, petite or tall. Wondering what those are?

Well, we are as excited as you are! So, here we unleash the magical side of the fashion world and present the best tips to help you find a universally flattering formal dress for your next gala. Let’s get started, pretty ladies!

  • Go For 3/4 Sleeves – They Work On Everyone

Go For 3 by 4 Sleeves - They Work On Everyone

In the world of strapless and spaghetti straps,  3/4 sleeves work like wonder. After all, they look pleasing on every height – and every age. Plus, they are a versatile trend that you can consider to embrace elegance on formal occasions, like military balls or weddings.

If your ultimate dream is to stand on the frontline of the trend, you can try out the most sought-after off-shoulder mermaid gown with quarter sleeves. (Have a glance into this latest Clarisse’s formal dress on sale for the proof)

  • Say Yes To The Classic A-Line Dress

Say Yes To The Classic A-Line DressThe *one* that is fitted to your waist and then flares out steadily to the hem is a classic a-line dress that suits almost all body types. The secret to the power of a-line formal evening gowns is their ability to minimize the midsection.

Yes, you got it right! A-line silhouette plays down hips and thighs and draws attention to your best features. For a curvy lady, it is a way to create an illusion of a slimmer look. 

The good news is that you can wear a-line outfits repeatedly without getting bored, as they come in myriads of styles. At present, long a-line gowns with cutouts and slits are on the top of the fashion chart.

  • When In Doubt, Wear Black

When In Doubt, Wear Black

A black is a BFF of many fashionistas, and there are plenty of reasons behind that. First, the color “black” creates the optical illusion of a block silhouette that draws attention to your figure line instead of your volume.

Second, black is sheerly classy. Wearing a trending black dress to a formal occasion can help you channelize your regal side and feel confident.

For an extra hint of elegance to your statement, try the avant-garde jersey formal evening gowns in black shade. Of course, you can experiment with the details or choose a monochrome jersey formal dress, depending on the look you want to create.

Flatter Everyone With Your Flattering Formal Dress!

Shopping for formal dresses is a lot of fun. And, now that you already know what vibe with your personality irrespective of your shape, there is no time better than now to start shopping for the ONE. Don’t forget to add a touch of confidence and a pleasant smile to your formal dress to flatter everyone.