Hero E-Scooter Catches Fire in Odisha; Here’s What The Company Has To Say About The Mishap



Summer doesn’t seem to bring a lot of good news for E-scooter companies as we have witnessed numerous reports of e-scooter fire incidences due to overheating or other reasons. A fresh report of electric vehicle fire has surfaced on the internet and this time it’s Hero Electric’s Photon. The popular two-wheeler company is known for offering a wide range of models in almost all the price segments and it’s one of the oldest electric vehicle firms. According to the report, the cause of the fire is expected to be a short circuit at the socket where the e-scooter was getting charged. Let’s have a look at the cause and details of the incident.

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As per the reports, the company has more than 450,000 units of scooters running on the road in the country. It seems that this is the first time a user has witnessed a fire incident. The company claims that the fire didn’t take place because of any internal malfunction, the fire incident is different for other brands.

“When contacted the customer explained that he heard abnormal cracking sounds and discovered that fumes were coming from the electric switchboard of the home, adjacent to e scooter and sparks were continuously falling on to the floor and a can of paint lying nearby. By the time he went to switch off the mains and get back to try and put off the fire, it spread and burnt the rear part of the scooter and some household belongings,” ET quotes the company’s spokesperson.

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It seems that the fire was not because of any internal malfunction, it was due to a short circuit that happened in the switchboard of the user. The company also revealed that the official technical team has visited the spot and noted that the rear is fairing is totally burned because of the short circuit. It seems that Hero Electric has also helped the consumer in replacing the burned parts.


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