Ferry Guests And Go On Marine Escapades Sans Carbon Emissions Aboard The Falcon E8



Images courtesy of ThirtyC Yacht Design

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was somewhat different yet exciting.

Aside from the usual companies sharing their upcoming hardware and tech for this year and those that follow, there are several outstanding reveals related to sustainable mobility. ThirtyC Yacht Design may have missed out on the trade expo, but it’s now ready to reveal the Falcon E8.

In addition to a bunch of surprise EV announcements, Candela blew everyone away with the C-8. The development of this electric hydrofoil speedboat is in partnership with Polestar to strike a balance between performance and range.

Now, it’s the British group’s turn to hype up their emission-free tender.

This 26-footer should offset the carbon footprint of its mothership. Unlike motor vehicles, completely emission-free systems still have limitations when it comes to larger forms of transport.

Nonetheless, experts believe it’s just a matter of time before they can scale up the technology for efficiency. For now, green watercraft like the Falcon E8 is our best bet.

ThirtyC Yacht Design endows the sleek monohull with a plumb bow and a transomless stern. The latter features steps to make it easier for people to enter and exit from the aft section.

It also doubles as a swim platform for a quick dip in the waters below. The teak deck shows a U-shaped seating just behind the cockpit area.

Vita is supplying eco-friendly propulsion systems for the Falcon E8. The standard trim uses a 122 horsepower (90 kW) setup that peaks at 172 horsepower (126 kW).

Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line option is capable of 203 horsepower (150 kW) and a peak output of 304 horsepower (220 kW). ThirtyC Yacht Design says it can max out at 30 knots with a range of about 30 nautical miles.


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