FDA Approves ‘Combination’ Vaccines for Booster Placement


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Pfizer ‘s booster vaccination campaign began last month, now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided that it is time to extend it to Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines as well. People who have received any of these vaccines will be able to receive the boosters soon.


Before starting, a conversation will be held between a panel of experts to see what the final recommendations are. There was already a board of scientists that last week recommended starting the application of boosters to certain groups of the Moderna vaccine and to those over 18 years of age the J&J.

Allowing the combination of vaccines, that is, giving yourself a booster of a different brand than the vaccine that you initially received will facilitate this process. It will also be beneficial for those people who had very strong side effects of a specific biological. They claim that scientists have tried different combinations and found no reasons why it shouldn’t be allowed.

The people who will be eligible for La Moderna are those who are most at risk of contracting or suffering serious consequences from the disease: the elderly, people with medical conditions, or people who are constantly exposed by their work or life situation. While the reinforcement of the J&J should be put on by all those who originally wore the same.

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