Do you have textual fantasies? Gandhi joins OnlyFans to fulfill them



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Do you have textual fantasies? (Yes, verbatim ), Libererías Gandhi is willing to comply with them and for this he opened an account at OnlyFans .

Librerías Gandhi

This week, the bookstore chain lived up to its tradition of disruptive marketing campaigns and announced that it would be joining the social network for the sale of sexual and adult content.

Through his Twitter account, Gandhi announced to his followers that because simply asking them to read was not working, he had decided to enter OnlyFans for his most daring fans.

Image: Librerías Gandhi Profile at OnlyFans

Gandhi Libraries at OnlyFans

In the Librerías Gandhi profile in OnlyFans the description seems to be very apt: “We fulfill your textual fantasies”, with the hashtags: “Textual Fantasies and #BookPorn.

There are still no publications of the brand on the social network, but we assume that due to the nature of the platform, they will publish their books more focused on adults.

Librerías Gandhi has distinguished itself by various witty campaigns on social networks where it makes use of the famous Mexican ingenuity to encourage reading.

The brand’s social media accounts have more than 3 million followers, according to Merca 2.0 .


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