Cotton yarn prices down in Ludhiana, demand slow in north India


North Indian markets have noticed a decline in cotton yarn prices today in Ludhiana after a drop in yarn prices during the second half of last week. Cotton yarn prices have remained steady in the Delhi market. According to traders, the recent decline in cotton prices has increased the prospects of ease in yarn prices. This has discouraged buyers from making new purchases.  

The Ludhiana market has witnessed a fall of ₹2-3 per kg in cotton yarn prices. Last week, cotton prices had recorded a sharp decline in India and the world, prompting a similar trend in the cotton yarn market in Ludhiana. A trader from the Ludhiana market told Fibre2Fashion, “Cotton yarn eased because of the downfall in fibre prices. Buyers did not take an interest in new purchases because they preferred to follow a wait-and-watch policy.” 

North Indian cotton yarn market in Ludhiana today witnessed a decline of ₹2-3 per kg due to the recent fall in cotton prices. This fall resulted in a wait-and-watch approach from buyers, discouraging them from new purchases. Delhi’s market remained stable with limited activity, and Panipat’s recycled yarn market remained flat with low demand.

In the Ludhiana market, 30 count cotton combed yarn was sold at ₹282-292 per kg (GST inclusive). 20 and 25 count combed yarn were traded at ₹272-282 per kg and ₹277-287 per kg, respectively. Carded yarn of 30 count was steady at ₹262-272 per kg, according to Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro. 

In Delhi, cotton yarn prices were stable amid slow buying. Trading activities were also limited because of the muted response from buyers. A trader from the Delhi market told F2F, “After the decline in cotton prices, yarn buyers were cautious about near-term ease. They wanted to wait for bulk buying as they have enough stock for a few days’ needs.” 30 count combed yarn was traded at ₹285-290 per kg (GST extra), 40 count combed at ₹315-320 per kg, 30 count carded at ₹266-270 per kg, and 40 count carded at ₹295-300 per kg, according to TexPro. 

Panipat’s recycled yarn market witnessed a sluggish trend in demand. However, recycled yarn was sold at previous prices. A trade source from Panipat said that demand was not expected to improve in the near term. Recycled cotton yarn prices were hovering at previous levels. 10s recycled PC yarn (grey) was traded at ₹88-92 per kg (GST extra). 10s recycled PC yarn (black) was traded at ₹60-65 per kg, 20s recycled PC yarn (grey) at ₹105-110 per kg, and 30s recycled PC yarn (grey) at ₹150-155 per kg. Comber prices were noted at ₹155-160 per kg. Recycled polyester fibre (PET bottle fibre) was noted at ₹74-77 per kg. 

North India’s cotton prices improved today after declining on last Friday and Saturday. Indian cotton prices slipped 3-4 per cent on Saturday after a crash in ICE cotton on Friday. However, domestic cotton prices recovered around 1-2 per cent due to improved buying at lower prices. North India’s arrival was estimated at 16,500 bales of 170 kg each. Cotton was traded at ₹6,100-6,200 per maund of 37.2 kg in Punjab, ₹6,100-6,200 per maund in Haryana, and ₹6,300-6,400 per maund in upper Rajasthan, and at ₹59,000-61,000 per candy of 356 kg in lower Rajasthan. 

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