As Asteroid Bigger Than Burj Khalifa Passes Earth, Twitter Launches Into Animated Talks About Space



Last week, NASA had raised an alarm about our planet’s close encounter with a giant asteroid on January 18, and as we witnessed the ‘potentially hazardous’ pass by, it surely left many netizens pretty excited about the spectacle. From conversations involving references from Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence’s recently-released movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ to posting hilarious memes, the microblogging platform has been buzzing with interesting animated conversations related to the giant asteroid named 1994 WR12 by NASA.

While a team of scientists and researchers at NASA have been busy calculating and predicting the trajectories of asteroids surrounding Earth for quite some time now, had stated that the asteroid doesn’t pose any threat yet but a slight deviation in its course could make us history. The statement surely gained a lot of attention and as soon as the asteroid passed Earth without causing any harm, Twitterati sprung into action with conversations related to space. Check out their reactions here:

Discovered by astronomer Robert McNaught in 1994, the asteroid (1994 WR12) had its closest encounter with Earth and according to experts, it won’t come so close to our planet for at least the next 200 years now.

According to the American space agency, asteroids bigger than 140 meters travelling as close as 4.6 million miles to the Earth’s orbit are considered dangerous, and the one that passed Earth yesterday belonged to the ‘potentially hazardous’ category.

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