Apple Confirms That iPhone 13 Series Doesn’t Support Noise Cancellation During Calls


For more than a decade, iPhones have been recognized for featuring noise-canceling capabilities during calls. With the advent of the iPhone 13 series, however, this long-standing function was unceremoniously eliminated. No justification has been offered, and the corporation has made no note of the feature’s discontinuation. According to 9To5Mac reports, Apple Support officially confirmed that they have missed the noise cancellation feature.

Users began to notice the missing of this function and contacted Apple Support with their concerns. They’ve confirmed that the iPhone 13 series as a whole lacks call noise cancellation.

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iPhones have had an in-call noise cancellation function for over a decade that suppresses ambient noise during phone calls when the receiver is pressed to the ear.

There’s no clarification for why the function was removed, which means that all phone conversations will be without noise cancellation unless you have alternative gear, such as headphones with built-in noise cancellation. Even though the phones contain the capability in the form of a multi-mic system, it’s unclear why Apple’s newest handsets don’t support phone noise reduction.

Some portions of the feature may still be available in the iPhone 13 series, and users may be able to improve their conversations by utilizing external noise-canceling equipment such as Apple earphones and headphones.

While a software bug has been ruled out at this time, a software update or upgrade that improves in-call audio quality is possible, but it is unclear whether Apple will follow suit.

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