Another Republican tap dances when asked if he’d support a second Trump term


Take the following two video clips. In the first, Rounds acknowledges Biden’s legitimacy: “The election was fair—as fair as we’ve seen. We simply did not win the election as Republicans for the presidency.”

Okay, he admitted it. Even if he did beat around numerous bushes on his way there. But at the end of the interview, when Rounds likely thought he was in the clear, Stephanopoulos hit him with a real head-scratcher (second tweet):

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Separately, could you support President Trump if he runs again?”

ROUNDS: “I’m sorry?”

Ha ha ha ha! Seems Rounds has as much trouble answering questions about Donald Trump as Donald Trump has discussing David Duke. You’d think Stephanopoulos had asked Rounds if he ever masturbated to the Teletubbies or something.

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Could you support President Trump if he runs again?”

ROUNDS: “I’ll take a hard look at it. Personally, what I have told people is, is I’m going to support the Republican nominee to be president. I’m not sure that the eventual nominee has even shown up yet. There’s still—we’re two years to go, where we’re going to focus on the next election cycle. It’s critical that we take back the House. It’s critical that we take back the United States Senate. And doing and based upon that, then we will decide who our nominee for president is going to be.”

Yeah, the 2024 GOP nominee could be someone who hasn’t shown up yet. It could also be Donald Trump. In fact, there’s a very good chance that it will be Donald Trump. So maybe the guy whom you just acknowledged is lying about being the legitimate winner of the 2020 election should be—gee, I don’t know—disqualified for trying to literally end U.S. democracy in order to soothe his own ego.

I’m sure Rounds just wants Trump to go away before 2024. I’d wager that a lot of Republicans feel the same way—which makes their cowardly obeisance to the ocher arschloch that much more infuriating.

But it’s all but useless to say “yeah, Biden won the election” and then in the next breath claim you wouldn’t rule out supporting the guy who’s vying to be the 21st century’s Benito Mussolini. That’s a special kind of cowardice, and people like Mike Rounds are hoping you simply won’t notice.

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