And so this is omicron; that feeling when you almost like Liz Cheney; and … cats


As omicron surges, Christmas—that bright and wintry holiday that atheists, agnostics, and Christians alike tend to enjoy—looms. Across the world, those who enjoy a big meal, a sparkling tree, and exchanging gifts (though not necessarily those of other faiths, no matter what Big Lie Guy says), have some very hard choices to make. 

To be merry with loved ones, or stay home with Netflix, football (Go Browns!), and the smallest ham one can find? Nobody wants to end up another COVID-19 statistic, no matter how mild omicron could be for those vaccinated and boosted. Yet that FOMO looms large a year after this wily and deadly virus shut down our lives and this year-end marathon of holidays for almost everyone. It’s hard not to want to be cautious when we know just how bad things can be, and continue to learn just how much the last president actively made it worse. 

We’re also continuing to learn just how devious and desperate that Trump fellow and his minions as 2020 came to end, and it grew clearer than ever (and it was always clear) that Joe Biden was moving into the White House. It’s odd to so many of us that democracy seems to have found a friend in the daughter of Dick fucking Cheney of all people, but it’s also exciting to see her work with Democrats towards our shared goal of justice and free and fair elections. It’s impossible not to watch her careful presentations and muse on where they may lead us.

History’s take on these moments in time is yet to come, but the war on reality-based education hit a peak in Floriday, even as the congressional fight to preserve voting rights resumes (after the holiday break, anyway).

As we race toward 2022, I can only wish the best for our nation in crisis, and joy and safety to each of you.

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