After Hyundai, #BoycottKFC And #BoycottPizzaHut Are Trending On Twitter Over Kashmir Solidarity Day Posts



International brands like KFC and Pizza Hut have shown their support over Kashmir Solidarity Day and Twitter India doesn’t seem to take it lightly. After Hyundai and Kia Motors showed support towards secessionism in Jammu and Kashmir, other international brands are drawing flack for its pro-terrorism social media posts. Read below to know how Twitterati from India reacted to it.

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In a bid to support Kashmir, Hyundai and KIA had uploaded a post on their official Twitter handles. Following which netizens got extremely triggered. Post that, international fast food chains like KFC and Pizza Hut have been overwhelmed with anger from Twitter users in India and now #BoycottKFC #BoycottPizza Hut have been gaining a lot of traction on the microblogging site. In a tweet posted last year on the occasion of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’, KFC seemingly gave a call to the goal of disintegrating Kashmir from the Indian territory. “The cravings for freedom are heartfelt,” it said.

important to note that Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed annually on February 5 by Pakistan. The day is said extend their support to Kashmiri separatists. This day was flagged off by Nawaz Sharif as the Pakistani Prime Minister way back in 1991.

Check out how a certain section of the internet is triggered over ‘anti-India’ support and is calling for a boycott of KFC and Pizza Hut after Hyundai.

In fact, now they’ve found out that Dominos did it too!

Is it just me or this is a pattern? Some food for though, eh?


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