Wordle 278 March 24: Word Of The Day Has Only One Vowel


Wordle is once again back with another word of the day to guess and we believe some of you have already cracked the word post at 12 AM today. But for the ones who are still struggling to get the correct guess we are here to help you guys. Wordle is owned by The New York Times and the game doesn’t give you a single hint about the word of the day, so all you have in your court is the six attempts to guess the five-letter word.

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In this article, we have garnered some of the best hints and clues which might make it a little easier for you to guess the word. So let’s have a look at the Wordle 278 March 24 word of the daily clues and hints.

Wordle 278 March 24: Word Of The Day Hints And Clues

Today’s Wordle 278 March 24 word of the day comes with 1 vowel and starts with the alphabet C and ends on T. The word of the day is one of the easiest words so far from the game developers. It is related to a box that comes with a lid, the word has several meanings and the easier hint we are not going to provide here. The last and most important hint is, it’s related to safeguarding valuable items.

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Wordle 278 March 24: Answer

Hope hints are helpful enough to guess the word, but if you’re still facing trouble then don’t worry we get you the answer as well. The Wordle 278 March 24 word of the day is CHEST, and the other easy hint which we could have mentioned above was a body part. It could have made the puzzle easier for you guys but what’s the point, see you tomorrow with new hints and clues.

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