Why does the Teacher-Student Relationship Matter?



If we look at the numbers only, students spend a reasonable amount of time in their daily routine with their teachers only. The time itself is well enough for an individual to develop a specific relationship with another, especially in this case, where a teacher is constantly there with students to teach them, trying to convey any information to the student for their benefit. This relationship is very advantageous for the students as the relationship which has emerged will help them in igniting a lifelong love of learning. The relationship between a student and their educator is often described as one critical aspect of determining how well they will perform in their studies.

However, the relational part of learning for a long has remained underrated. The relationship between the teacher and student is one of the most influential factors that determine an individual student’s growth, progress, and engagement in academic activities and assignments. The experts always advise maintaining a very positive relationship between the two in a balanced way. The positive and supportive nature of the relationship through the best app for teaching online helps students accept the learning environment and increase their intelligence of belonging.

It also motivates students to willingly participate in a different classroom, academic and extracurricular activities, especially in these times, where the world has been grappling with the unseen enemy for about two years now. Educators, especially from their end, make much more effort into the online education sessions. It is essential to make students engage in the remarkably intact sense as they’re in their homes must be many things that can distract them.

Therefore some sort of friendly approach is essential for the students from the educator’s side, making them participate to the fullest in activities and achieve their learning objectives.

Role of the Educator in Maintaining a Balanced relationship with their Students

Educators, especially, must encourage more communication between them to allow students to attend a quality learning experience. It at the same time is very beneficial for teachers themselves also as it enables them to teach with enthusiasm as well as enhance their passion for teaching to some different levels, which again makes them the students favorite.

Teachers should also use LMS and others to make learning effective and introduce gamification into their content delivery. It interests the students more and will automatically make them all more comfortable with the educator and increase their will to participate in the various activities going on classroom apps.

Teachers should also encourage students in both situations when they excel and fail. It creates a supportive figure for the educator, which they can always rush to learn things and discuss their problems to some extent.

Especially in these times, where meetings in person are not possible, with the help of technology and over the internet, they must connect through activities like group discussion and debates, which will help them again become comfortable with each other.

The friendship should be there, but an educator here has one major role in balancing things. Yes, friendship is essential between a teacher and a student, but a student should respect the educator and admire their efforts in supporting them in every way possible.

Understanding and respect should, however, be maintained thoroughly

In the beginning, it might take some extra effort to build that sort of relationship. Still, eventually, as the two become comfortable with each other and collective efforts from both sides, the sign itself will clear everything about how meaningful this relationship is.

Teachers also should help students by presenting them with inspiring content or figures to assist them in setting their objective so proper and should also be there to guide them in the future.