Where are Mesa Gun Safes Manufactured! Is it Profitable to Purchase it!

Mesa gun safes

Mesa gun safes are a well-known commercial and domestic gun safes brand in the United States. Mesa is a dependable brand that offers high-quality gun safes with exceptional security. Because they are the most trusted gun safe brand, many people have questions about where Mesa gun safes are created, what characteristics they have, why they are renowned, and so on.

Mesa models are available in various sizes, from little to large, so that everyone may choose their optimum size gun safe. Furthermore, they have a high-temperature tolerance, and most safes can withstand it for an hour. This page will go through the features, series, and locations these safes were manufactured.

Where are Mesa safes manufactured?

Mesa gun safes have been on the market for 40 years, discovered in 1981. The headquarters of the corporation are in Orange, California. So, this company manufactures gun safes in the United States. George L. Vincent, who was just 16 years old, founded the corporation.

Mesa is doing all possible to develop high-quality gun safes. They quickly became the most trusted brand among customers. Mesa is the safe industry’s leader in supplying long-lasting, high-quality gun safes.

Why should you go for MESA gun safes?

Mesa safes are built of hardened steel, which guarantees a high level of security. It is difficult to open or break the Mesa safes. Mesa also makes its safes more dependable and cost-effective. They are available in various sizes, allowing their clients to select safes based on their specific requirements. Mesa customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, you will never be sorry for selecting Mesa gun safes for your home or business. Some features of these safes are discussed below:

High-Level Security

Mesa manufactures the most durable gun safes on the market. The safes’ bodies are composed of hardened steel  and doors have additional drill-resistant steel plates. Furthermore, the locks are strong electronic locks with two user codes and an emergency key feature.

Fire Retardancy 

Mesa safes can all withstand a certain amount of fire heat. They have developed specific models, particularly for combating fires and extreme temperatures. These fireproof safe boxes can withstand temperatures of 350 degrees F for one hour.


Mesa safes are made of high-quality stainless steel. As a result, it protects the safe from theft and harm. The durability feature has also enhanced fire protection. Their safes can withstand temperatures of 1750°F for an hour.

Storage & Bolting 

These gun safes include four anchor holes to increase their security. You may also remove the safe’s shelves to adjust storage to your needs. In addition, the inside, shelves, and door panels are all tastefully carpeted.

So now you know where mesa safes are created and why you should buy them. Mesa safes are reasonably priced and come in various sizes and configurations. Because the shelves on the majority of Mesa safes are detachable, they are fireproof lock boxes and may be customized. They contain a variety of lightweight and larger safes that can accommodate a variety of weapons. They also include a top-notch lock mechanism that ensures maximum security.