Wendy’s Roasts Jack in the Box by Making Fun of McDonald’s: ‘Somehow Not the Worst’



The Wendy’s Twitter account is notorious for its cheeky commentary, jabs and not-so-subtle jokes at other brands and companies — especially its fast-food rivals like McDonald’s.

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In a social media landscape where no one is safe from the punchlines of brands and their Twitter accounts, Wendy’s has taken it a step further by implementing an entire day dedicated to poking fun at other companies.

Dubbed “National Roast Day,” the fast-food chain takes to Twitter once a year to deliver digital smackdown (using the hashtag #NationalRoastDay, of course.)

While some companies got it more savagely than others, many joined in the fun and actually requested roasts.

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In perhaps the most literal meaning of the holiday, Aflac Insurance, famous for their duck mascot, asked the fast-food chain to roast them to which Wendy’s replied with a photo of a roasted duck.

A few alcohol Twitter accounts took their shot at wanting to be roasted, including Anheuser-Busch’s main account (“You guys aren’t even from the best city in Missouri lol,” Wendy’s wrote), Busch Beer to which Wendy’s simply said

“You’re what parents give their kids to keep them from drinking” and Mike’s Hard Lemonade which savagely received the response of “Still the worst tasting yellow liquid.”

The chain also poked fun at other food brands like Yoplait (“Dear women laughing in your yogurt commercials, blink twice if you need help”), Oreo (“When adding milk makes you taste better, you’re doing it wrong”) and Velvet Cheese which was gut-punched with a burn of “We’re closer to being the first restaurant on Mars than you are being cheese.”

And of course the holiday wouldn’t be complete without roasting other food chains, and Wendy’s certainly didn’t hold back when it came to Jack in the Box — so much so that it managed to snidely subtweet longstanding rival McDonald’s.

“I’m unroastable try me,” the Jack in the Box Twitter account said.

“Somehow not the worst clown based fast food restaurant,” Wendy’s slammed back.

Someone will certainly not be Lovin’ That!

Of course this isn’t the first time Wendy’s has hit at McDonald’s over social media.

Back in October, the McDonald’s Twitter account Tweeted out a question, asking “if u were the person who ran the McDonald’s account for a day, what would u tweet?”

Wendy’s quoted the Tweet and said “Where the things that should be fresh are frozen, and the things that should be frozen are out of order,” in reference to a report that had recently come out about the complicated nature of the McDonald’s ice cream machines and why they are always broken.

But hey, all is fair in love and fast-food wars!

Wendy’s was up 10.86% year over year as of Friday afternoon.


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