Waterproof Fly Rug To Protect Your Horses In All Weather Conditions!

waterproof fly rug

Warm evening rides in gorgeous scenery replace dark nights and chilly weather. Horses, like people, require protection from the rain and cold in the winter, as well as the sun and insects in the summer.

Keeping flies at bay during the summer can be a difficult undertaking. A waterproof fly rug can provide complete protection for your horse, keeping them happy and healthy.

What are the reasons to invest in waterproof fly rugs?

1. Allergies to skin

Biting flies and gnats can induce allergic reactions in your horse that are unpleasant and deeply nasty. An allergic response to the saliva of Culicoides mosquitos causes “sweet itch,” a severe type that causes intense itching, hair loss, and scars. With just an elasticated and adjustable belly wrap around, full wrap tail flap, and elastic ear hood, the waterproof fly rug gives head to tail protection. It protects against UV radiation, sun bleaching, parasites, and insects, minimizing skin irritation and allergies.

2. Parasites from outside 

Blowflies and screwworm flies are 2 kinds of flies which lay their eggs directly on wounds. The injured tissue is penetrated by the hatching larvae, which feed on it. It can be fatal if left untreated. The zebra fly rug is composed of a soft, durable polyester fabric which keeps your horse cooler all while delivering insect prevention. The traditional side gussets and elastic insert at the wither allow for excellent range of movement, enabling your horse to graze and walk freely.

3. Hazardous UV rays 

Horses, like humans, need to be shielded from Ultraviolet light. Fly rugs for horses have the same impact as sunscreen. This decreases coat bleaching in dark colored horses and safeguards light-colored horses and those with pink skin from sunburn and skin diseases. The waterproof fly rugs come with everything you’ll need to keep your horse free of insects while also protecting him from the sun’s damaging rays.

What are the most common varieties of horse rug fabrics?

When it comes to selecting materials for a horse rug, the most important characteristics to consider are durable, waterproof, windproof, and breathable.


A tightly woven fabric manufactured from natural fibers that is utilized in thousands of different applications all over the world because of its lightweight and robust characteristics. To keep the horse warm, canvas is frequently used as the outside covering and is paired with an inside layer.

Canvas is frequently treated in the manufacturing process to make it waterproof, UV resistant, and fire resistant.


A scuff-resistant stain-resistant fabric manufactured from petroleum compounds that is lighter than canvas. Doesn’t provide a lot of warmth, therefore it’ll usually have a layer of polyester fill to help it insulate better.


Cotton is the most extensively used natural fabric in the apparel industry. This is due to its several advantages, including being breathable, soft, and an excellent all-weather fabric.

Although it has drawbacks such as being less durable than other materials and being more expensive, it is frequently combined with other fabrics for these reasons.


Polyester is a lightweight and cost-effective textile. It’s created from coal and petroleum products and is less expensive than nylon. It’s also not as robust as nylon.

Individual manufacturers are responsible for determining what they believe is the best mix of affordability and ruggedness of fly horse rugs in the UK; thus connect with a reputable one.