Utah Senate President fails to mention positive tests before session



According to Senate Chief of Staff Mark Thomas, Adams tested negative Monday but received a positive test Tuesday morning. Since his test result came out positive he decided to take another test, which then appeared to be negative, in order for him to attend the session. However moments later a “faint line” appeared indicating a positive test for COVID-19, Thomas said. “He didn’t get that message while he was on the floor doing his speech. He thought that he had two negative tests.”

Thomas defended Adams to KUTV, noting that Adams didn’t mean to lie; he thought he had two negative tests despite the one that came back positive in the morning.

The positive test follows Adams testing positive last week for COVID-19 after developing symptoms Wednesday. After his five-day quarantine period, he tested again on Monday. 

No mention of his positive tests was made until The Salt Lake Tribune made inquiries about the senator’s test results and filed an open records request regarding the test results.

“He’s been told there’s a lot of false positives after you have it,” Thomas said “In his mind, he thought, okay, I’ve got two negatives.”

Of course, others had to also defend Adams’ actions. But the reality is if he tested positive once, the responsible thing would be to make it be known, not to hide it and test again in an attempt to be negative.

“President Adams has followed the CDC guidelines, and his symptoms have subsided, including not having a fever since Saturday,” spokesperson Aundrea Peterson said in the statement. “CDC guidelines state that individuals who test positive should isolate for five days and may resume work if fever free for 24 hours.”

Peterson added, “It’s not uncommon to test positive days after contracting COVID-19, and according to the CDC, a positive test after recently recovering from COVID-19 does not mean the individual is contagious.”

And there’s more. Adams was also seen unmasked throughout the day while in the Senate chambers. According to KUTV, while he wore a mask when he met some reporters, he didn’t throughout the day and even shook hands with some of those in the room. 

His reason for not wearing a mask consistently, including during his speech, was he had “just recovered from COVID”.

“I feel great today,” Adams told reporters. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, he sat masked near Sen. Dan McCay, who was unmasked, and Sen. Luz Escamilla, who was wearing a mask.

To add the cherry on top, on its first day of business Tuesday the Utah Senate voted to overturn mask mandates in Salt Lake and Summit counties. The measure now goes to the state House of Representatives for a vote.

The incident comes at a time when lawmakers across the country are being asked to present negative tests in order to participate in legislative activities.

Acknowledging a request from U.S. House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff that all committee members present a negative COVID test in order to participate in committee events, Rep. Mike Turner said Republicans will not comply, CNN reported.

“The American public does not have this privilege, and we will not comply,” Turner said at a GOP news conference on Wednesday. 

Of course, Republicans make everything about themselves as opposed to the greater safety of the public. Let’s see who makes headlines next for having COVID-19.


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