Twitter Brings Out A New Feature For Spaces On Both Android And iOS


Last year, Twitter revealed that users will be able to record a Spaces session and share it with others or listen to it again later. While this option was previously only available to a select number of users, the social media platform is now making it open to all users.

All hosts now have the ability to record their Spaces on Twitter, according to a recent update. All Twitter users will be able to record Spaces on Android and iOS starting today, according to the company.

To record a Space, users only need to toggle the ‘Record Space’ button. Once the Space has concluded, the recorded space will be available for 30 days. All Spaces hosts will now see the “Record Space” option in the Twitter app for iOS and Android, according to the Twitter Support account.

When you hit there, Twitter will record the entire chat for anyone who wants to listen to it again later. In this manner, even individuals who couldn’t join a Spaces when it was live may now listen in on the discussion.

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Take into account that recorded Spaces are only available for a limited time. The talks may be accessible for 30 days after they have been published, as per the social network. The recorded Spaces are permanently destroyed after this time period.

Users who wish to erase a recorded Spaces session before the 30 days period is out can do so. The firm has just started testing certain improvements to its iOS app, including a new search bar on the Home tab and the ability to repost someone’s tweet with a video clip. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Twitter app loaded on your smartphone if you want to use the most up-to-date features.

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