Top 4 Vape Songs: The Best Vape Song Playlist For Vapers

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Want to enhance your vaping experience? Let the music play!

You may have invested a lot of time finding the best vape to take your vaping experience to the next level. But there is one secret that possibly no one has told you yet – “the music.” That’s right! Playing a suitable vape song while blowing smoke rings adds a hint of joy to your vaping session, making you feel on top of the world.

As many people are breaking into the world of vaping, the market is getting much bigger by the day. From premium vape pens and pods to delicious e-liquids, particularly Shijin Vapor e-liquids, the vaping industry has a lot to offer you. But it’s the choice of your vaping playlist that helps you rock the clouds.

Here, we have rounded up the top 5 vape songs that blend beautifully with your clouds and enhance your vaping experience. Check out!

  • Misty Morning By Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley, the king of reggae music, makes a vaper lost in the moments of tranquility and pleasantness with his song “Misty Morning.” Having mesmerizing lyrics, jazz music, and slow-paced beats, this makes up an apt vapor song to play while you’re at a vape party.

Consider playing “Misty Morning” when vaping your favorite Shijin vapor flavor to step up your vaping game.

  • Blowin’ In The Wind By Dob Dylan

If you are a type of vaper who likes everything classic, then “Blowin’ In The Wind” by Dob Dylan is for you. Popular with generations since 1963, this song gives you a relaxing, folksy feel when you puff your best-loved Shijin vape.

What’s more? The sweetest guitar and harmonica sounds are sure to soothe your ear.

  • Get Off My Cloud By The Rolling Stones

Just like its name, “Get Off My Cloud,” the song encourages vapers to enjoy their vaping alone. Listening to it while vaping with your vape pen helps you feel comfortable and relaxed like never before.

In reality, “Get Off My Cloud” responds to people knocking on your door asking for satisfaction. Besides, the lyrics convey the love for solitude. So, whenever you’re alone in a corner vaping your favorite Shijin e-juice flavor, this song satisfies your soul, leaving you pleased as a punch. 

  • The Buzz By Hermitude 

“Do you feel the buzz, or it’s just me, just me?” Well, if you haven’t felt a buzz while blowing the best Shijin vape juice, then this song by Hermitude may help. It enhances your energy and provides you with an adrenaline rush with EDM effects.

Whenever you’re in a vape party, consider playing “The Buzz” to groove on the beats and go on the spree. Must say – it’s a perfect stress reliever.

Jazz Up Your Vaping With The Best Vape Song!

Music makes everything better, especially vaping! If you are an enthusiastic vaper and like to uplift your mood as you blow smoke rings in the air, the above mentioned list of best vaping songs is for you. So, what are you waiting for? Add those in your playlist now to get hooked while vaping. Also, make sure to go for premium Shijin Vapor e-liquids for the best experience.

Remember, the best vape song in blend with the best e-liquid gives you the vaping moments of your dreams.

Happy Vaping!