This Strange Software Bug Turns iPhone 13 Screens Into Pink



Apple is known for producing a variety of colored iPhones, but a new issue with the iPhone 13 adds a splash of color to the screen that is the least appealing of all. The entire screen is glowing in pink like BLACKPINK, leaving the phone useless, according to several customers.

The accusations originally surfaced on Apple discussion forums in October and were first reported by 9To5Mac. Apple appears to have replaced the iPhone of the customer who reported the problem, but many people have reported the same problem in the months thereafter.

Unfortunately, the problem and Apple’s remedy don’t appear to have any rhyme or reason.

The users who have been affected appear to be utterly random, with no apparent common reason. Apple’s response has also been inconsistent, with some people receiving free new iPhones and others being rejected. The only thing in common is that only iPhone 13 appears to be impacted.

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Everyone is wondering if this is a deadly hardware problem or a software defect. Apple apparently sent a message on Weibo, informing affected customers that there was a software issue and that they should back up their data and update to the current version. However, as 9To5Mac points out, this reasoning is incomprehensible.

After all, the flaw has previously survived a number of software upgrades, with the initial reports going back to October – and only affecting iPhone 13 users. This would appear to imply that Apple hasn’t been able to track down the software defect that’s causing the issue, or that the problem isn’t caused by a software bug at all. Other users on Apple’s forums have stated that the problem is caused by a defective motherboard, which would require immediate replacement.

In any case, following Apple’s instruction to backup and upgrade to the current version is the first step all consumers should take in contacting the Cupertino giant for additional assistance.

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