Things to Consider When Picking the Best Monitor

best monitors

When picking out a new monitor, it is important to keep in mind what your computer needs. There are many different aspects to consider when looking for a new monitor. If you’re looking for the right monitor, here are things to think about before buying.

Screen Size

The screen size of a monitor determines the size of your display and how much information can be shown on your screen at once. Larger screens will show more information but will require more space and may not fit onto a desk that is smaller in size.

Response Time

One of the most important aspects to consider when looking for the best monitors is the response time. The lower the response time, the better it will be for your computer. A higher response time can cause a lot of problems with your computer and make it difficult to do things like use Photoshop.


The most important thing you should look for in a monitor is the resolution. Resolution refers to how many pixels there are on your screen. The higher the resolution, the more detail, and clearer everything will be. A 1080p monitor has roughly 2 million pixels, while a 4K monitor has 8 million pixels.

Panel Type

The first thing you should consider before choosing a monitor is what type of screen it uses. Monitors typically come in three different types: LCD, LED, and OLED.

LCD screens are the cheapest and most common option available. These screens are more affordable than LED monitors, but they also tend to be less impressive in quality. LED screens offer a similar picture quality to LCD screens at a much higher price point. Finally, OLED monitors are the most expensive of all three options but offer the brightest and most detailed pictures.


When you are looking for the best monitors, it is important to consider the input of your device. The type of input your device needs will help you decide what type of monitor you need.

One way to tell is by looking at the power cable that came with your computer. If there is a DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cable, then it may need a DVI-D cable to plug into the monitor. Monitors come with different inputs, and you want to make sure that the input that came with your computer matches up with the input on the back of your monitor. If not, you can potentially buy an adapter separately.


It is important to consider the price when purchasing the best monitors and make sure you find a balance between quality and budget. You want to get the most out of your money without spending too much.

However, it is also worth noting that this does not need to be your top concern when deciding on a monitor.

A quality monitor will keep you happy for a long time, so it may be worth looking into getting a more expensive model if it will last longer and provide better quality images.

Budget Monitors

If you are looking for something to use on your computer, a budget monitor is perfect. They are usually cheaper than other brands, but they may not have the same quality as more expensive monitors. If you’re just using your monitor for browsing the internet and using Word, a budget monitor would be perfect for you.


Do you need a gaming monitor? Are you looking for something inexpensive? Do you want something with lots of input? The only way to find the best monitor for you is to do your research. Choosing a monitor for your computer can seem like an overwhelming task. The key is to know what you need and what you are willing to spend. Once you know, it’s all about researching the best options.