The 5 Easiest To-Use Calendar Apps for Modern Day Working Adults



Daily life for working adults is full of many moving parts. Within a day, you can run a meeting, travel, start a new campaign, or sort through paperwork. And that’s not including internal communication, setting your schedule, working with clients, or trying to find productive blocks. Managing all of your tasks and goals within the working week is difficult. Technology can provide much-needed relief with all that you need to organize in a day.

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Scheduling apps can take some of the heavy lifting off of your plate. By using technology designed to improve your working life, you can take more time for yourself. Calendar and scheduling apps are easy to use and act as a personal assistant for busy professionals. By allowing technology to aid in organizing your schedule, you have more time for your daily tasks. Finding the right calendar app can go a long way in helping you improve productivity and enjoy your work.

With so many different calendar app options available, narrowing down which works best for you can be challenging. After all, modern working adults can have various daily needs with their scheduling and productivity tools. Thankfully, this list can help you decide. Here are five of the easiest to use and most effective calendar and scheduling apps available today.

1. Calendar

The aptly named Calendar is an excellent tool for running your Calendar, scheduling, and appointments. Calendar provides excellent time management and productivity benefits for working adults. In addition, it uses machine learning to learn more about your contacts, recurring events, and scheduling habits. This allows the tool to understand your routines and helps you plan better and more effectively in the future. Calendar makes it easy to organize your schedule and go about your day by taking on the heavy lifting.

Calendar is also an excellent tool for providing analytics into your time usage. This helps you manage your time more effectively and understand where areas for improvement are in your schedule. By helping you understand the full impact of your days, Calendar is much more than a calendar app. It’s an all-in-one tool with additional functionality to help you travel with routes, traffic, and weather reports.

2. Google Calendar

The Google calendar is a favorite among those who want a great productivity tool without paying a fee. The Google calendar has an app for any device and an online version that can be accessed from anywhere. This can help if you try to schedule meetings between Outlook and Apple users without isolating anyone.

The click-and-drag options also make rescheduling easier, and the collaboration capabilities help schedule meetings between multiple groups. The Google calendar can also sync with other apps and tools to nurture cooperation and collaboration further.

3. Fantastical

Fantastical is only available to Apple users but provides a new calendar experience than traditional scheduling tools. Fantastical syncs across all your Apple devices like watches, iPads, iPhones, and Macs, as well as integrating with other tools. It provides a clean, clear, and user-friendly design that stands apart from other Calendar and productivity apps.

You can set geographical notifications, organize separate schedules for different departments, and create meetings while on the go. Just be aware that there is a monthly fee of $4.99 to access all available features.

4. NeedtoMeet

NeedtoMeet is designed to make life easier for collaborators from different teams, departments, and organizations. The user interface is simple and easy to use, but the app can manage complex schedules. In addition, the app has a dashboard view, custom URLs, notification and comment capabilities, and integrates with multiple platforms.

This helps you avoid shutting out users from Apple or Microsoft who can have device-specific calendar tools. NeedtoMeet also comes with an ad-free version and offers different pricing packages for additional tools.

5. Timepage

Timepage is another app that focuses on the user experience by providing a clean and easy-to-use interface. The app also uses natural language processing to help predict and assist in event creation and scheduling habits.

Timepage is also great for users who travel, providing travel information and weather reports to help plan successful business trips. In addition, Timepage provides travel reminders to help you make your meetings on time. This app also comes with a small monthly fee, which many happily pay for the design and helpful tools.

Make Working Life More Productive

As a modern working adult, you are used to busy days and last-minute requests. Managing your schedule then becomes crucial to keeping your days organized and productive. However, when you try to organize your schedule manually, it can lead to unnecessary complications.

Using a productivity tool to help you organize and manage your Calendar can cut down on stress and work anxiety. When you find the right Calendar app to add to your tool belt, you’ll quickly notice how much easier working life becomes.

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