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Taiwan & Vietnam’s textile industries boost global apparel supply: TTF

Taiwan & Vietnam’s textile industries boost global apparel supply: TTF


Taiwan’s textile industry is playing a vital role in the global apparel industry’s supply chain, and Vietnamese firms have been drawn to its sustainability, innovation, and fashion capabilities, according to the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF). Vietnam, which has significant economic potential and abundant labour resources, has attracted the attention of many Taiwanese textile firms as the global economy undergoes various changes and becomes more regionalised.

Taiwan’s textile industry is driving the development of Vietnam’s textile sector by establishing a collaborative supply chain in the country. The partnership is expected to foster growth in both countries’ textile industries while providing sustainable and innovative fashion products to consumers worldwide, TTF said in a press release.

Taiwan’s textile industry is collaborating with Vietnam’s textile sector to provide sustainable and innovative fashion products to global consumers.
Taiwan’s major textile companies are focused on sustainability, using innovative technologies to create materials for a circular economy.
The country’s textile industry is also excelling in fashion.

FENC and Tung Ho Textile, two major Taiwanese textile companies, are focused on sustainability and social responsibility. FENC uses innovative technologies to create materials for a circular economy, such as producing 100 per cent recyclable polyester yarn from discarded plastic bottles and using marine plastic waste to create recycled nylon yarn. FENC also uses carbon capture technology to turn waste gases into polyester raw material. Tung Ho Textile uses advanced Siro, Compact, Siro-Fuse, and Siro-Slub spinning technologies to create environmentally friendly yarns with excellent textures, thus allowing spun yarn to be environmentally friendly, functional, and comfortable.

In terms of innovation, Taiwan’s textile companies are actively researching and developing new technologies and are constantly introducing new products and technologies. They focus on transforming and upgrading the textile industry.

The next-generation, sustainable elastic fibre Soufflexz, developed by Zig Sheng Industrial Co, Ltd, offers four main features: comfort and elasticity, soft textures, sustainability and environmental protection, and light weight. The helical fibre structure makes the single-material polyester yarn more elastic than compound elastic fibres mixed with spandex.

Furthermore, Jintex Corporation Ltd is focused on sustainability in the garment industry by using single-material garments that can be recycled in a closed-loop system. The company takes environmental impact into account in every stage of production and uses sustainable, non-food biomass raw materials like waste straw and coconut shells for functional additives. By replacing petrochemical products with biocarbon, Jintex is able to achieve its low-carbon emission and sustainability goals.

In terms of fashion, Taiwan’s textile companies excel in quality and design, which allows them to meet the needs of modern consumers. Remmington International Co, which has over 30 years of embroidery experience, started as a company sewing name tags on student uniforms. Now, with highly customised services and excellent technologies, it produces name tags for foreign militaries, police, and brands. By upholding its dedication to quality, Remmington International is becoming a trusted international brand for embroidery. The company constructed a plant in Vietnam in 2019 to expand its service flexibility and production capacity, the release added.

In the future, Taiwan’s textile industry will continue to strengthen its product innovations and technical partnerships, thereby maintaining its advantage in the Vietnamese market. The Taiwan Textile Federation plans to hold a new product launch at the Dahlia conference room on the third floor of SECC during SaigonTex at 2 pm on April 6 this year. The federation will welcome visitors who are interested in learning more about the latest products and technologies of Taiwan’s textile companies.

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