Spiderman Goes To PubG Mobile After Finding Out There’s No Way Home



We’re starting to believe that Spider-Man genuinely has no place else to go since the web-slinger has been confirmed to make another appearance, this time in PUBG Mobile’s Version 1.8 update. From January 12 to February 14, Spiderman will make an appearance in the mobile battle royale, with the upgrade progressively trickling out to all players.

Players will be able to team up with Spider-Man as he battles creatures that appear throughout the map in the Spider-Man mode. By assisting Spider-Man with the monsters, you may earn special Spider-Man prizes, such as a Web Shooter that slows down opponents and a Spider Web Ball, which is effectively a grenade of web shoots.

What’s new in the game?

Well, Spider-Man is in it starting today, but only for a short time; there’s also a new Classic Mode map and a more secure matchmaking mechanism, as well as a slew of other tweaks.

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One of the primary features of the PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 update is the addition of the Spider-Man mode, as well as a new map named Aftermath. This mode takes place on a version of the Livik map that has been ravaged by bombs and volcanoes, as well as new gameplay concepts including ziplines and Recall Towers that may resurrect fallen comrades. The update also contains several bug fixes and minor tweaks; the complete list of changes in version 1.8 may be seen below.

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Cycle 2 Season 4 begins on January 18th and will run till March 21st. This new season will usher in Royale Pass Month 7, Royale Guard, which will run from February 17th through March 17th. The Warrior Set, a themed M16A4, a DP28, a UZI, and a 2-seat motorbike will all be available as part of the pass, as planned.

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