Plan an African Safari from an Ex-Guide With These 6 Tips



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    With a surge in international visitors to South Africa last year, the trajectory for tourism remains upward in 2024, driven by the growing demand for transformative experiences and immersive adventures in remote locales.

    With a knack for  crafting bespoke itineraries spanning Southern and Eastern Africa, Stanley Safaris introduces travelers to “Our Africa” – a raw and untamed terrain teeming with diverse landscapes, wildlife, and cultures. Shaun Stanley, former safari guide and founder of Stanley Safaris, has honed the art of orchestrating these experiences to perfection, ensuring adventurers make the most of their journey.

    Here are his expert recommendations for planning an unforgettable African expedition this year:

    1.    Choose camps with dedicated guides: Drawing from my extensive experience as a former guide, I understand the pivotal role a guide plays in shaping the safari experience. A skilled guide can elevate the journey by bringing the wilderness alive, while a subpar one may dampen the experience, regardless of wildlife sightings.

    2.    Embark on a walking safari: Despite initial apprehension, walking safaris offer a unique and enriching encounter with the wilderness. Walking amidst big game allows for a closer connection with the environment, unveiling the intricacies of smaller flora and fauna often overlooked from a vehicle. It also fosters a deeper bond with guides, enhancing one’s understanding of the ecosystem.

    3.    Avoid over-scheduling: While exploring various game reserves and countries is enticing, resist the urge to rush through destinations. Africa’s allure lies in slowing down, immersing oneself in nature, and forging meaningful connections with its inhabitants – both human and animal.

    4.    Explore beyond the Big Five: While the Big Five hold iconic status, Africa’s allure extends far beyond these renowned species. Its landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and rich cultural tapestry offer a wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered. Engaging with these facets enriches the safari experience, imbuing it with depth and meaning.

    5.    Plan ahead: Recognize that Africa demands meticulous planning, especially during peak seasons when premier accommodations are in high demand. Securing preferred lodgings well in advance ensures a seamless and tailored experience, devoid of last-minute constraints.

    6.    Consult with safari experts: Given the intricate nature of safari planning, seeking guidance from seasoned experts is paramount. At Stanley Safaris, we prioritize understanding our travelers’ preferences and aspirations, crafting personalized itineraries that resonate with their unique desires and interests.

    Stanley Safaris


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